Fractions in Word Problems Help

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Fractions in Word Problems

Word problems involving fractions are performed using the same procedure as those involving whole numbers.


Example 1

A plumber needs to install a sink using pieces of pipe measuring Word Problems inches, Word Problems inches, Word Problems inches and Word Problems inches. Find the total length of the pipe needed to cut all the pieces.

Solutions 1

Since we are finding a total, we use addition:

Word Problems

The plumber would need a piece of pipe at least Word Problems inches long.

Example 2

It takes Bill Word Problems hours to cut a lawn. It takes Walter Word Problems hours to cut the same lawn. How much faster is Bill?

Solution 2

Since we are looking for a difference, we subtract:

Word Problems

It takes Bill Word Problems of an hour less to cut the lawn.

Example 3

How much will a trip of 212 miles cost if the allowance is Word Problems cents per mile?

Solution 3


Word Problems

To change cents to dollars, divide by 100.

5883 ÷ 100 = $58.83

Hence the allowance for the trip is $58.83.

Example 4

How many cubic feet will a 240-gallon tank hold if one cubic foot of water is about Word Problems gallons?

Solution 4


Word Problems

Hence, the tank will hold about 32 cubic feet of water.

Fractions in Word Problems Practice Problems


l. A recipe calls for Word Problems cups of flour. If the baker wishes to make the cake 4 times as large as the original recipe, how many cups of flour should she use?

2. A Word Problems inch bolt is placed through a piece of wood that is Word Problems inches thick. How much of the bolt is extending out?

3. In order to make a support beam, a carpenter nails together a piece of wood that is Word Problems inches thick with a piece of wood that is Word Problems inches thick. How thick is the support?

4. A sign is to be Word Problems inches wide. How many signs can be cut from a piece of card stock that is Word Problems inches wide?

5. A person decided to buy an automobile that costs $19,500 with Word Problems paid in cash and the balance paid in 12 monthly installments. How much is the down payment and each monthly payment?


1. 9 cups

2. Word Problems

3. Word Problems

4. 5

6. $7800;$975

Practice problems for these concepts can be found at: More Advanced Fractions Practice Test.

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