Law of Sines and Cosines Practice Problems

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Law of Sines and Cosines Practice Problems


When rounding is necessary, please give your solutions accurate to one decimal place. The angles for Problems 1–6 are in radians.

  1. cos −1 (cos π /8)
  2. tan(tan −1 −1)
  3. cos −1 1/2
  4. sin −1 1/2
  5. tan −1 0
  6. sin −1 0.9
  7. Solve the triangle.

Trigonometry Practice

Fig. 13.59.

  1. A 20-foot ladder is leaning against a wall. The base of the ladder is four feet from the wall. What angle is formed by the ground and the ladder?

  2. Solve the triangle: Trigonometry Practice A = 42°, a = 11, and b = 6.

  3. Find all three angles for the triangle whose sides are 6, 8, and 10.

  4. A plane is flying over a highway at an altitude of 6000 feet. A blue car is traveling on a highway in front of the plane and a white car is on the highway behind the plane. The angle of elevation from the blue car to the plane is 45°. If the cars are two miles apart, how far is the plane from each car? (Hint: Consider the triangle formed by the cars and plane as two right triangles that share a leg.)


  1. π /8 radians
  2.  −1 radians
  3. π /3 radians
  4. π /6 radians
  5. 0 radians
  6. Approximately 1.1 radians

Trigonometry Solutions



    Trigonometry Solutions

    Fig. 13.60

    Trigonometry Solutions

  2. We will use the Law of Sines twice.

    Trigonometry Solutions


    Trigonometry Solutions

  3. Let a = 6, b = 8, and c = 10. We will first use the Law of Cosines to find Trigonometry Solutions A . Then we will use the Law of Sines to find Trigonometry Solutions B .

    Trigonometry Solutions



    Trigonometry Solutions

    Fig. 13.61

    Let b represent the side of the original triangle that is opposite the angle 45°. Let w represent the side opposite Trigonometry Solutions W , which is also the distance from the plane to the blue car. Two miles is 2(5280) = 10,560 feet.

    Trigonometry Solutions

    The plane is about 8485 feet from the blue car and about 7536 feet from the white car.

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