Reading Prefixes and Suffixes Practice Exercises (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

Practice 2: Paws for Alarm 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) It was late when Dad pulled the van up to the old ski cabin. I grabbed a suitcase and headed toward the front door. My cat Sage jumped out to follow me, daintily scampering to keep the cold, wet snow away from her paws. Sage had a touch of arthritis and didn't find winter weather enjoyable!
(2) A sizeable carpet of snow covered the porch, so I dragged my feet to make a path for us. Dad unlocked the door and Sage scurried inside, looking for a dry place to nap. Dad built a fire in the old fireplace, and soon the room was warm and cozy.
(3) I went down the hall to my room, with Sage behind me. She jumped up on my bed and curled up in a small furry ball. "I'll be joining you soon," I said.
(4) Just then, Dad popped his head into the room. "Let's call it a day," he said with a yawn. "See you in the morning for an early ski?"
(5) I nodded in agreement, and Dad went to his room and shut the door. As I slipped under the covers, I looked out the window at the snow falling ever faster. "The ski runs will be awesome tomorrow!" I mumbled sleepily.
(6) I don't know how long I was asleep before Sage's whiskers rubbed against my face. "Stop," I pleaded gently, but she purred loudly and pushed me with her head. "Stop!" I hissed, not even opening my eyes. She let out aloud MEOW! This was so unlike her. She'd slept beside me since she was a kitten, and she'd never bothered me before! Just as I was about to drift back into a peaceful sleep, she leaped on me with all four paws . . . HARD! Then she zipped across the room and slammed up against the window glass! THUMP!
(7) I opened my eyes, but everything was foggy . . . and my head hurt. Then I coughed . . . smoke . . . there was smoke seeping in under the door! I didn't open the door, I felt it like firefighters say you should. The wood was hot . . . that meant there was fire on the other side! We had to get out!
(8) Sage batted her paws against the window glass. "Okay, I get it," I cried as I ran to open the window, but it was stuck! I continued to push, and at last, it opened. Cold, fresh air filled my lungs as we climbed out the window. I picked up Sage and ran to the window of Dad's room. I banged on the glass, but he didn't answer. So I threw a rock to break the glass, and screamed his name. Finally, he stumbled to the window and scrambled out.
(9) The firefighters who put out the blaze said sparks from the fireplace had set the rug on fire. "We'll put in smoke alarms today," Dad said. "I only wish we'd had them last night!"
(10) "From what I hear, you had a live smoke alarm," one firefighter said, stroking Sage's soft fur. "She's quite a hero!" Sage just purred and closed her eyes, anxious to get that nap at last!
7. If the root artho means "joint" and the suffix -itis means "inflammation," Sage most likely
a. has difficulty hearing.
b. has aches and pains in her legs.
c. has difficulty seeing.
d. has a problem eating cat food.
8. The suffix -able means "capable of being" and changes the base word size
a. to a pronoun.
b. to a verb.
c. to an adjective.
d. to a plural noun.
9. The prefix un- changes the base word like to mean
a. the same.
b. not understood.
c. not known.
d. not similar.
10. If the prefix ad- means "to" and the Latin word jacere means "lie near," the word adjacent means
a. far-off.
b. adjoining.
c. distant.
d. none of the above
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