Vocabulary and Prefix Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review: Vocabulary and Prefix Help

Vocabulary and Prefix Practice

Words in Context

The following exercise will help you figure out the meaning of some words from the vocabulary list by reading context clues. After you have read and understood the paragraph, explain the context clues that helped you with the meaning of the vocabulary word. Refer to the answer section at the end of this chapter for an explanation of the clues.

In our country, the use of nuclear power as a viable source of energy has been an ongoing controversy. During the gas and oil shortages of the 1970s, energy prices were exorbitant. The federal government supported nuclear power as a new energy source that would be cost effective. Now, the president's National Energy Policy Report lists nuclear power as a safe and affordable alternative. Today, however, as in the past, many people have voiced their antipathy toward nuclear power plants, especially in the wake of the 1979 partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. At that time, scientists scrambled to circumvent a total meltdown in a facility that was designed to be fail-safe. There was great fear that the meltdown would be complete and decimate the area. Now, the federal government is once again promoting this alternative energy source.


The next time you see a word you don't know, try to figure out its meaning based on the context in which it is used. Then, check to see if you're right.

Sentence Completion

Insert the correct word from the vocabulary list into the following sentences.

  1. There has been a local _____ over the proposed plans for the renovation of a neighborhood park.
  2. At the Cradle of Aviation Museum, a(n) _____ of man's first trip to the moon in 1969 will include a restored lunar module.
  3. Soon after the war began in Bosnia in April 1992, the damaged buildings and burned homes reduced the country to ruins and _____ the landscape.
  4. Scientists have discovered what could be the closest _____ to man, an upright apelike creature.
  5. The stock market has on average declined over the past year, with _____ periods of growth.
  6. Oprah Winfrey was able to _____ her humble roots to become one of the nation's most respected, wealthy, and powerful women.
  7. The police department's crime stopper's unit placed a drawing and description of the _____ kidnapper in the newspaper.
  8. Errors caused by physicians' _____ handwriting have sparked proposals to add handwriting courses to medical school curricula.
  9. After the implantation of a heart pacemaker, the patient's _____ was good.
  10. "Downsizing a company" is a(n) _____ for letting go or firing employees.
  11. Different ethnic groups' _____ toward each other has resulted in many wars throughout the world.
  12. Because of the _____ price and gas consumption of the sports utility vehicle, the first-time buyer selected a small, energy efficient sedan.
  13. After the _____ successfully increased the company's sales and production, the chief executive officer promoted her to regional sales manager.
  14. Environmentalists and energy analysts have not reached a(n) _____ about how best to meet America's growing energy needs in a safe and financially sound manner.
  15. Due to his mistreatment of fellow officers, the captain was _____ to the rank of sergeant.
  16. The famous actor seemed _____ in fame and the constant media attention he received; he continued to live his life in the same way as before his rise to fame.
  17. A patchwork quilt is the result of the _____ of many smaller pieces sewn together to make a unique design.
  18. In order to _____ the impending storm, the pilot changed his flight plan to avoid turbulence and lightning.
  19. My _____ were some of the first colonial activists in the United States; they took part in the Boston Tea Party.
  20. What some may consider _____ or unimportant ideas sometimes blossom into good business ventures.
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