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The following exercise lists vocabulary words from this chapter. Each word is followed by five answer choices. Four of them are synonyms of the vocabulary word in bold. Your task is to choose the one that is NOT a synonym.

  1. controversy
    1. dispute
    2. quarrel
    3. consensus
    4. d. debate
    5. disputation
  2. disinterested
    1. selfish
    2. impartial
    3. neutral
    4. objective
    5. unbiased
  3. antipathy
    1. aversion
    2. dislike
    3. hatred
    4. sympathy
    5. abhorrence
  4. exorbitant
    1. reasonable
    2. excessive
    3. overpriced
    4. inflated
    5. steep
  5. intermittent
    1. sporadic
    2. alternating
    3. recurring
    4. occasional
    5. continual
  6. malevolent
    1. malicious
    2. spiteful
    3. nasty
    4. disinterested
    5. wicked
  7. transcend
    1. exceed
    2. descend
    3. excel
    4. surpass
    5. outdo
  8. precursor
    1. successor
    2. forerunner
    3. ancestor
    4. antecedent
    5. predecessor
  9. consensus
    1. agreement
    2. harmony
    3. disagreement
    4. consent
    5. unity
  10. decimate
    1. demolish
    2. annihilate
    3. build
    4. slaughter
    5. kill


Choose the word from the vocabulary list that means the opposite, or most nearly the opposite, of the following groups of words.

  1. descendant, successor, progeny, heir
  2. readable, decipherable, comprehensible, clear
  3. direct, face, aim, confront
  4. disorganization, chaos, decomposition, separation
  5. promote, encourage, sponsor, support
  6. benevolent, caring, compassionate, kindly
  7. leading, chief, primary, foremost
  8. trail, follow, tail, drag
  9. significant, major, important, noteworthy
  10. continuous, constant, nonstop, incessant

Matching Questions

Match the word in the first column with the corresponding word in the second column.

  1. circumvent      a. dispute
  2. retrospect        b. combination
  3. euphemism      c. excessive
  4. precursor         d. destroy
  5. synthesis          e. skirt
  6. antipathy          f. predecessor
  7. disinterested    g. hindsight
  8. exorbitant        h. pleasant substitute words
  9. controversy      i. hatred
  10. decimate           j. neutral

Practice Activities

Write ten words that begin with the same prefixes as the words in this unit. Write your definition of each word based on what you already know about each pre- fix. Be sure to check your answers with a dictionary definition of each word.

Example: preactivity means a warm-up activity that comes before the main activity.

Create a personal "pictionary" prefix book. List common prefixes along with their definitions and create drawings that remind you of their meanings.

Prefix Definition Illustration
anti against (draw a no-smoking sign) to show you are against smoking
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