Prepositions and Conjunctions Practice Exercises for English Grammar (page 2)

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    1. for hepatitis, by the doctor;
    2. from Little Rock;
    3. to the theater, with her father;
    4. at the seashore, during the entire summer;
    5. in time, for the late flight;
    6. On two occasions, with the dentist;
    7. For all;
    8. with color, in the autumn;
    9. in the house, for lunch;
    10. for charitable purposes
    1. (of) economic recession,
    2. (for) work,
    3. (of) my friends, (at) the reunion,
    4. (for) which I have been waiting,
    5. (to) stadium, (in) dread, (of) afternoon,
    6. (by) Beethoven,
    7. (from) nursery, (to) room,
    8. (of) arrival, (of) spring, (of) how cold spring can be,
    9. (of) studies, (of) sciences,
    10. (for) Antarctica, (in) months
    1. During the raid modifies were wounded (verb)
    2. in the bus station modifies lost (verb)
    3. by the reviewing stand modifies passed (verb)
    4. By the end modifies was left (verb), of the performance modifies end (noun), in the audience modifies was left (verb)
    5. to our school modifies close (adjective)
    6. for his courtesy modifies was rewarded (verb), by the old woman modifies was rewarded (verb)
    7. in his coin collection modifies delight (noun)
    8. to the hospital modifies way (noun)
    9. by some people modifies is recognized (verb)
    10. with great care modifies selected (verb)
    1. Throughout the term,
    2. into a major exercise,
    3. past the guardrail, onto the lawn,
    4. for their inexpensive white and red wines,
    5. Across town, like that, of France,
    6. within reason,
    7. Because of his delay, in paying,
    8. Out of the pitch black night, of threatening appearance,
    9. near the city center, in city life,
    10. past the maitre d'hotel, near the band,
    11. off the stage, of her legs,
    12. Since her husband's death, of her own,
    13. instead of you,
    14. In spite of everything,
    15. toward the bar, despite my repeated warnings
    1. her,
    2. you,
    3. us,
    4. whomever,
    5. her, them,
    6. them,
    7. him,
    8. her,
    9. Whom,
    10. me, her
    1. none,
    2. for,
    3. but,
    4. for, because of,
    5. for, with,
    6. none,
    7. of,
    8. none,
    9. after, but,
    10. For
    1. adverb, adverb,
    2. adjective, adverb,
    3. adverb, adverb,
    4. adjective, adjective,
    5. adjective, adverb, adjective,
    6. adjective, adverb,
    7. adjective, adjective,
    8. adverb,
    9. adjective, adverb,
    10. adjective, adjective
    1. Of all the members, of doing such mischief,
    2. on a little hill, behind the wall, for someone,
    3. n offices, with copying machines,
    4. with good tobacco,
    5. Near the farm, to the making, of lime,
    6. none,
    7. by the firehouse, during her lunch hour,
    8. In the afternoons, about the city, for some diversion, in his misery,
    9. with smoke, on the upper floors,
    10. none,
    11. in full leaf,
    12. of my time, on chores, of completion,
    13. in tormenting children,
    14. For days, on end, to the sidewalk,
    15. In the afternoons, for her eyes, to the subdued light, of the nursing home
    1. Not onlybut coordinating;
    2. so that subordinating;
    3. Since subordinating, and coordinating;
    4. Until subordinating, and coordinating;
    5. Eitheror coordinating, because subordinating;
    6. When subordinating, so subordinating;
    7. or coordinating, yet coordinating;
    8. or coordinating, when subordinating;
    9. So subordinating, that subordinating, and coordinating;
    10. Wherever subordinating, or coordinating, that subordinating
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