Introductory Grammar Practice Quiz

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011

Before you begin your grammar study, you may want to get a clearer idea of what you already know and what you want to focus more on once you begin the lessons that follow. The pretest is a simple 30-question assessment that touches on most of the major grammar concepts.

Introductory Grammar Practice Quiz

Check your work by looking at the answers that follow the test.

1. the common nouns, underline the proper nouns, and the abstract nouns.
coffee kindness kitten
Florida sadness Lake Michigan
sorrow toast lipstick
peace computer White House
deceit cheerfulness jungle
test deer patience
2. Underline the antecedents/pronouns that properly agree in gender.
Karla / she bird / they
Joseph / his Mrs. West / she
students / they kite / him
3. Underline the antecedents/pronouns that agree in number.
kids / they everyone / they Fred / it
fish / they troop / it fish / it
each / he or she teacher / we both / they
4. Underline the action verbs.
yawn do poke cook
should sleep peel grow
staple would is jump
5. Underline the linking verbs.
melt take dance sit
grow prove appear feel
become look is drive
6. the regular verbs and underline the irregular verbs.
justify mow buy sit
play throw hear pet
walk grow wash hide
7. the correct form of lay/lie in each sentence.
Janice found her pillow (laying, lying) under the bed.
The ladder has (lain, laid) broken in the garage for over a year.
Grandpa had (laid, lain) awake before getting up to shower.
8. the correct form of sit/set in each sentence.
The dog (set, sat) patiently as Dad read the paper.
Donna's daughter Jamie (sit, set) the table for dinner.
(Setting, Sitting) on the porch swing to read is so enjoyable.
9. Identify the tense of the verbs that follow as present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, present progressive, past progressive, or future progressive.
will swim _________________ am giving _________________
had swum _________________ gave _________________
swim _________________ has given _________________
swims _________________ will have given _________________
10. the common adjectives in the following sentences.
Nathan and his best friend Kevin played a quick game of basketball.
The cool mountains are the perfect place to hike and observe wildlife.
Jack is excited that his birthday party is tomorrow afternoon.
11. Write the correct indefinite pronoun in front of each noun.
___ home ___ hour ___ honor
___ university ___ wallet ___ golf club
___ one-eyed monster ___ upperclassman ___ orange
___ underdog ___ elephant ___ clock
___ ugly bug ___ yellow jacket ___ actor
12. Change the following proper nouns into proper adjectives by crossing out and writing in what's needed.
America England Inca
Japan Texas Hawaii
France Virginia Denmark
13. Determine whether each boldfaced word in the sentences is a possessive pronoun or a possessive adjective by writing in PP or PA above it.
His soda sprayed all over his clothes and mine.
We played kickball on our new blacktop at school.
I showed my little sister how to tie her shoes.
14. Determine whether the boldfaced word in each sentence is a demonstrative pronoun or a demonstrative adjective by writing DP or DA above it.
This is really over-the-top!
Take this money and buy yourself a treat.
Watch these carefully while they boil.
15. the form of comparative or superlative adjective that best completes each sentence.
Shirley's (better, best) cake ever is her triple chocolate cake with walnuts.
Lori's hands were (smaller, more small) than mine.
Norman was (best, better) at organizing group activities than Joshua.
16. the correct form of the comparative and superlative adverbs in the following sentences.
Kyle was (carefuller, more careful) not to run in the hall after getting detention.
Foodworld (more often, most often) has my favorite brand of ice cream.
Sagar ran the (fast, faster, fastest) of all the contestants.
17. Underline the adjectives and the adverbs in the following sentences.
The four cooks fiercely competed for the position of head chef.
Jake worked diligently on his math homework before.
Morgan was sent straight to her room for disobeying her parents.
18. Underline the prepositional phrases in these sentences.
We walked up the street and around the corner to get milk.
For the record, Congressman Hughes supports lowering taxes.
Up the tree and over the fence, the gray squirrel skittered nervously.
19. Rewrite each sentence so that the misplaced modifiers are properly placed.
The woman was washing the sheets with hair curlers.
The sand along the shore burned my feet while walking.
Tina bought a potbellied pig for her cousin they call Petunia.
20. Underline the simple subjects and the simple predicates.
I quickly ran toward the finish line to win the race.
Ray Charles was a excellent pianist.
The silver duct tape stuck the wall very well.
21. Identify whether the boldfaced word is a direct or an indirect object in these sentences by writing DO or IO above it.
Shane poured the dirt from the wheelbarrow into the hole.
Ralph gave Jim a curious look when he laughed.
The coach gave his team a thumbs-up when they defended the goal successfully.
22. the verb that correctly agrees with the subject in these sentences.
The airline (fly, flies) daily from Chicago to Boston.
The friends always (watch, watches) out for one another.
Everybody (want, wants) to sit in the first row for the Guns N'Roses concert.
23. the verb that will agree with the indefinite pronouns in these sentences.
Anything worthwhile (take, takes) patience and time.
Some (need, needs) to listen to music to relax.
Others (prefers, prefer) to sit in silence and meditate.
24. Determine which pronoun best fits for proper pronoun-antecedent agreement in each sentence.
The class took_______ time taking the history test.
    a. its b. their c. his or her
Nobody handed__________test in until the teacher asked.
    a.their b.his or her c.our
Few finished early and read_________ novel until class was over.
    a.their b.his or her c.our
25. Correctly identify the types of phrases in the sentences below.
Wanting to be prepared for her recital, Sara practices daily for anhour.
  a. participial phrase b. appositive phrase c. gerund phrase
Sara, who is preparing for her recital, practices daily for an hour.
  a.participial phrase b.appositive phrase c.gerund phrase
Wanting to be prepared for her recital, is why Sara practices daily for an hour.
  a.participial phrase b.appositive phrase c.gerund phrase
26. Determine whether the group of words is an independent or a subordinate clause by writing IC or SC.
Just to remind you _____   Have a nice day _____
Try that again _____   After you left _____
I love you _____   While we're at it _____
27. Identify the coordinating conjunction in each sentence and underline the word or group of words it is connecting.
Bert wants to go swimming today, and Ronnie wants to go with him.
We can go to the park on Sunday, or we can go today, but not tomorrow.
I decided to go to the gym in the morning so I would have the afternoon free.
28. Identify the simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentence.
a. Dinner was delicious.
b. When the principal announced the winners, the audience clapped loudly and cheered for their classmates.
c. When the weather warms up, we'll go to the beach and have a barbecue.
d. Paula washed the car, and Renee dried it with towels.
29. Add punctuation where necessary in the following items.
Timmys favorite superhero Mighty Man wears a red cape and a bright blue suit
Didnt Mom ask you to pick up laundry detergent milk bananas sour cream and furniture polish from the grocery store
The girls dresses were pink green and yellow taffeta with white grosgrain bows
30. Correctly place quotation marks, commas, and end marks in these sentences.
I have never Mom exclaimed angrily seen someone so hardheaded in my life
Carrie whispered I think that the actress forgot her lines
To your left you will see Queen Elizabeth's throne said the tour guide
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