Introductory Grammar Practice Quiz (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011


1. Common nouns: coffee, test, toast, computer, deer, kitten, lipstick, jungle; proper nouns: Florida, Lake Michigan, White House; abstract nouns: sorrow, peace, deceit, kindness, sadness, cheerfulness, patience.
2. Karla/she; Joseph/his; Mrs. West/she; students/they
3. kids/they; everyone/they; fish/they; troop/it; fish/it; each/he or she; both/they
4. yawn, do, poke, cook, sleep, peel, grow, staple, jump
5. grow, prove, appear, feel, become, look, is
6. Regular verbs: justify, play, walk, wash; irregular verbs: mow, throw, grow, buy, hear, sit, pet, hide.
7. lying, lain, lain
8. sat, set, Sitting
9. will swim = future am giving = present progressive
  had swum = past perfect gave = past
  swim = present has given = present perfect
  swims = present will have given = future perfect
10. best, quick; cool, perfect; excited, birthday
11. a home an hour an honor
  a university a wallet a golf club
  a one-eyed monster an upperclassman an orange
  an underdog an elephant a clock
  an ugly bug a yellow jacket an actor
12. American, English, Incan, Japanese, Texan, Hawaiian, French, Virginian, Danish
13. PP = possessive pronoun, PA= possessive adjective
  His = PA, his = PA, mine = PP
  our = PA
  my = PA, her = PA
14. DP = demonstrative pronoun, DA= demonstrative adjective
  This = DP, this = DA, these = DP
15. best, smaller, better
16. more careful, most often, fastest
17. The four cooks competed for the position of head chef. Jake worked his math homework . Morgan was sent to her room for disobeying her parents.
18. We walked up the street and around the corner to get milk. For the record, Congressman Hughes supports lowering taxes. Up the tree and over the fence, the gray squirrel skittered nervously.
19. (Possible answers.)
  The woman with hair curlers was washing the sheets.
  The sand along the shore burned my feet while I was walking.
  Tina bought her cousin a potbellied pig they call Petunia.
20. I quickly toward the finish line to win the race.
  Ray Charles an excellent pianist.
  The silver duct tape to the wall very well.
21. DO = direct object, DI = indirect object.
  dirt = DO, Jim = IO, look = DO, team = IO, thumbs-up = DO
22. flies, watch, wants.
23. takes, need, prefer
24. b. their, b. his or her, a. their
25. a. participial phrase, b. appositive phase, c. gerund phrase
26. IC = independent clause, SC = subordinate clause
  Just to remind you = SC, Have a nice day = IC.
  Try that again = IC, After you left = SC
  I love you = IC, While we're at it = SC
27. Bert wants to go swimming today, and Ronnie wants to go with him. We can go to the park on Sunday, or we can go today, but not tomorrow.
  I decided to go to the gym in the morning so I would have the afternoon free.
28. (a) simple, (b) compound-complex, (c) complex, (d) compound.
29. Timmy's favorite superhero, Mighty Man, wears a red cape and a bright blue suit.
  Didn't Mom ask you to pick up laundry detergent, milk, bananas, sour cream, and furniture polish from the grocery store?
  The girls' dresses were pink, green, and yellow taffeta with white grosgrain bows.
30. "I have never," Mom exclaimed angrily, "seen someone so hardheaded in my life!".
  Carrie whispered, "I think that the actress forgot her lines."
  "To your left, you will see Queen Elizabeth's throne," said the tour guide.
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