Reading Comprehension Success Practice Test

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Updated on Sep 20, 2011

Reading Comprehension Success Practice Test

This test consists of a series of reading passages with questions that follow to test your comprehension.

Reading Passage 1 and Questions

Cultural Center Adds Classes for Young Adults

The Allendale Cultural Center has expanded its arts program to include classes for young adults. Director Leah Martin announced Monday that beginning in September, three new classes will be offered to the Allendale community. The course titles will be Yoga for Teenagers; Hip-Hop Dance: Learning the Latest Moves; and Creative Journaling for Teens: Discovering the Writer Within. The latter course will not be held at the Allendale Cultural Center but instead will meet at the Allendale Public Library.

Staff member Tricia Cousins will teach the yoga and hip-hop classes. Ms. Cousins is an accomplished choreographer as well as an experienced dance educator. She has an MA in dance education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where she wrote a thesis on the pedagogical effectiveness of dance education. The journaling class will be taught by Betsy Milford. Ms. Milford is the head librarian at the Allendale Public Library as well as a columnist for the professional journal Library Focus.

The courses are part of the Allendale Cultural Center's Project Teen, which was initiated by Leah Martin, director of the Cultural Center. According to Martin, this project is a direct result of her efforts to make the center a more integral part of the Allendale community. Over the last several years, the number of people who have visited the cultural center for classes or events has steadily declined. Project Teen is primarily funded by a munificent grant from The McGee Arts Foundation, an organization devoted to bringing arts programs to young adults. Martin oversees the Project Teen board, which consists of five board members. Two board members are students at Allendale's Brookdale High School; the other three are adults with backgrounds in education and the arts.

The creative journaling class will be cosponsored by Brookdale High School, and students who complete the class will be given the opportunity to publish one of their journal entries in Pulse, Brookdale's student literary magazine. Students who complete the hip-hop class will be eligible to participate in the Allendale Review, an annual concert sponsored by the cultural center that features local actors, musicians, and dancers.

All classes are scheduled to begin immediately following school dismissal, and transportation will be available from Brookdale High School to the Allendale Cultural Center and the Allendale Public Library. For more information about Project Teen, contact the cultural center's programming office at 988-0099 or drop by the office after June 1 to pick up a fall course catalog. The office is located on the third floor of the Allendale Town Hall.

  1. The Creative Journaling for Teens class will be cosponsored by
    1. The Allendale Public Library.
    2. The McGee Arts Foundation.
    3. Brookdale High School.
    4. Betsy Milford.
  2. The writing in this article is
    1. emotionally charged.
    2. literary.
    3. opinionated.
    4. nonfiction.
  3. According to Leah Martin, what was the direct cause of Project Teen?
    1. Tricia Cousins, the talented choreographer and dance educator, was available to teach courses in the fall.
    2. Community organizations were ignoring local teenagers.
    3. The McGee Arts Foundation wanted to be more involved in Allendale's arts programming.
    4. She wanted to make the cultural center a more important part of the Allendale community.
  4. Which of the following factors is implied as another reason for Project Teen?
    1. The number of people who have visited the cultural center has declined over the last several years.
    2. The cultural center wanted a grant from The McGee Arts Foundation.
    3. The young people of Allendale have complained about the cultural center's offerings.
    4. Leah Martin thinks classes for teenagers are more important than classes for adults.
  5. From the context of the passage, it can be determined that the word munificent most nearly means
    1. complicated.
    2. generous.
    3. curious.
    4. unusual.
  6. The title of the course "Creative Journaling for Teens: Discovering the Writer Within" implies that
    1. all young people should write in a journal daily.
    2. teenagers do not have enough hobbies.
    3. writing in a journal can help teenagers become better and more creative writers.
    4. teenagers are in need of guidance and direction.
  7. Which of the following correctly states the primary subject of this article?
    1. Leah Martin's personal ideas about young adults
    2. The McGee Foundation's grant to the Allendale Cultural Center
    3. three new classes for young adults added to the cultural center's arts program
    4. the needs of young adults in Allendale
  8. This article is organized in which of the following ways?
    1. in chronological order, from the past to the future
    2. most important information first, followed by background and details.
    3. background first, followed by the most important information and details.
    4. as sensational news, with the most controversial topic first
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