Principal Elements of the Sentence Practice Exercises for English Grammar (page 2)

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    1. Verb receive, Subject, Playwrights, authors, Direct object acclaim, Complement none
    2. Verb preserve, Subject Libraries, Direct object wisdom, Complement none
    3. Verb are, Subject stores, Direct object none, Complement busiest
    4. Verb has, Subject Buenos Aires, Direct object house, Complement none
    5. Verb is, Subject Religion, Direct object none, Complement course
    6. Verb were, Subject Eli, Samuel, Direct object none, Complement prophets
    7. Verb have produced, Subject Wars, Direct object death, destruction, Complement none
    8. Verb telephoned, Subject Tamara, Direct object brothers, Complement none
    9. Verb served, Subject waiter, Direct object water, Complement none
    10. Verb was ransacked, Subject dormitory, Direct object none, Complement none
    11. Verb were ransacking, Subject Burglars, Direct object dormitory, Complement none
    12. Verb studied, Subject Helen, Direct object Italian, Complement none
    13. Verb felt, Subject She, Direct object lining, Complement none
    14. Verb felt, Subject He, Direct object none, Complement well
    15. Verb called, Subject defendants, Direct object lawyer, Complement none
    16. Verb ensures, Subject mind, Direct object success, Complement none
    17. Verb have revolutionized, Subject Microchips, Direct object industry, Complement none
    18. Verb is, Subject bibliography, Direct object none, Complement list
    19. Verb carry, Subject teenagers, Direct object telephones, Complement none
    20. Verb wear, Subject professionals, Direct object hats, Complement none
    21. Verb suited, Subject shirt, tie, Direct object him, Complement none
    22. Verb are respected, Subject matadors, Direct object none, Complement none
    23. Verb are air conditioned, Subject homes, Direct object none, Complement none
    24. Verb cleans, cools, Subject Air conditioning, Direct object buildings, Complement none
    25. Verb wrote, Subject Conrad, Direct object none, Complement none
    1. vacationers,
    2. museum,
    3. clients,
    4. customer,
    5. him,
    6. museum,
    7. judges,
    8. Marie,
    9. roommates,
    10. British Museum,
    11. him,
    12. readers,
    13. witnesses,
    14. clients,
    15. parents
    1. outdoor, enthusiastic;
    2. patient, joyfully;
    3. tired, very, late;
    4. tasty, spaghetti, always;
    5. regularly, serviced, safer;
    6. large, carefully;
    7. neighborhood, early, late;
    8. always, clean, neatly;
    9. never, news;
    10. Our, best, almost;
    11. tonight;
    12. Our, weekly, only, local;
    13. nighttime, old;
    14. never, broken;
    15. White, roast;
    16. Herman's, good, dance;
    17. Bertha's, blue;
    18. never, before;
    19. tall, gently, frightened;
    20. Please, two, sharp;
    21. red, slowly;
    22. stormy, high;
    23. Happy, hard;
    24. Robert's, old, new;
    25. million, annually
    1. that the champion wore, on the tennis court, with green piping;
    2. in the ski mask, down the stairs;
    3. on cold nights, without a coat;
    4. of the visiting team, around right end;
    5. in which we are living;
    6. that is double parked, in the entire street;
    7. carrying the brown portfolio, on his desk;
    8. across the sidewalk;
    9. of all ages;
    10. on the corner, from many cities;
    11. of unemployed men and women, at the office door;
    12. in the red dress, down the street;
    13. of morning, through the window;
    14. we had yesterday, on streets, all over the city;
    15. of red flowers;
    16. of blackbirds, under that bridge;
    17. from our school;
    18. with brown eyes, across the room, with her left hand;
    19. of our bus, to all his passengers;
    20. at our house, on Saturday;
    21. who speaks only English, with many customers;
    22. who hit to left field, before the ball was thrown in;
    23. that is well trained, well-trained;
    24. in our parish, who comes to him;
    25. who knows what she is doing, with great caution
    1. Verb wrote, Subject Lisa, Direct object letter, Complement none, Indirect object mother, Modifiers hastily, angry, her
    2. Verb is, Subject Beethoven, Direct object none, Complement composer, Indirect object none, Modifiers greatest, of all time
    3. Verb met, Subject I, Direct object friend, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers While I was waiting for Jon, another, old
    4. Verb is, Subject Michelle, Direct object none, Complement student, InDirect object none, Modifiers worst, in the junior class
    5. Verb gave, Subject Democratic candidate, Direct object speech, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers important, over the radio
    6. Verb gave, Subject Nola, Direct object present, Complement none, InDirect object Marla, Modifiers very, expensive
    7. Verb rose, Subject woman, Direct object none, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers old, from her chair, near the window
    8. Verb are, Subject critics, Direct object none, Complement authors, InDirect object none, Modifiers Literary, often, frustrated
    9. Verb identified, Subject ornithologist, Direct object birds, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers competent many, rare
    10. Verb has written, Subject Emma Dally, Direct object novels, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers three, interesting, on modern English life
    11. Verb gives, Subject Working, Direct object headaches, Complement none, InDirect object Gary, Modifiers far into the night, bad
    12. Verb experience, Subject nations, Direct object difficulties, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers Most, Third World, economic
    13. Verb are, Subject automobiles, Direct object none, Complement burden, InDirect object none, Modifiers Old, to their users
    14. Verb has been, Subject Life, Direct object none, Complement better, InDirect object none, Modifiers never, for this generation
    15. Verb study, Subject I, Direct object none, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers always, at night
    16. Verb are, Subject puppies, Direct object none, Complement envy, InDirect object none, Modifiers new, of the neighbors
    17. Verb was, Subject H. L. Mencken, Direct object none, Complement critic, InDirect object none, Modifiers irreverent
    18. Verb made, Subject Kate, Direct object dresses, Complement none, InDirect object herself, friends, Modifiers attractive, her
    19. Verb receive, Subject Actors, Direct object letters, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers many, every day
    20. Verb damages, Subject Poverty, Direct object lives, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers of many rural children
    21. Verb go, Subject We, Direct object none, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers still, to the theater, as often as possible
    22. Verb are, Subject prices, Direct object none, Complement high, InDirect object none, Modifiers Commodity, everywhere
    23. Verb bleeds, Subject he, Direct object none, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers When Dick cuts himself, for a long time
    24. Verb fly, Subject airplanes, Direct object none, Complement none, InDirect object none, Modifiers Paper, rarely, for more than a few minutes
    25. Verb is, Subject Fishing, Direct object none, Complement fun, InDirect object none, Modifiers great, once you have learned the fundamental skills
    1. Some of us liked the program that night; many people were enthusiastic about it
    2. Many voters misinterpreted the remarks of the candidate; she tried to restate her position
    3. we considered the problem carefully
    4. Willie lived a long and happy life; his time had come to die
    5. They had many happy experiences
    6. Cigarettes have long been known to be dangerous to health; many people continue to smoke
    7. He wanted to join her in the new business; he had little capital to invest
    8. its quality was poor
    9. His first remarks were greeted with derision; the audience soon began to applaud
    10. Well researched papers usually get higher marks than hastily prepared papers
    1. even though they passed Driver Education
    2. none
    3. after their children finished college
    4. even though the rest of her family does
    5. that she was not a friend of ours, he was
    6. where she teaches remedial reading
    7. she would surely meet the town's financial needs
    8. since they save the traveler little time and contribute heavily to air pollution
    9. none
    10. who yawned steadily and audibly from the time the movie began
    1. across the winding river;
    2. After her divorce; of her name;
    3. pinned to the wall;
    4. soon to be released by the towing airplane;
    5. in hope, of snaring something, for dinner;
    6. to be;
    7. none;
    8. of tea, in late afternoon, to survive, until evening;
    9. In the library;
    10. to pick up our gear and retreat to the nearest town as quickly as possible
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