Reading Problems and Solutions Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Review the following study guide for a concept review:

Reading Problems and Solutions Study Guide

Reading Problems and Solutions Practice Exercises

Practice 1: Wisdom of the Ages 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

[Jared seated, listening to music. Enter Cole]

COLE: Hi! [No response . . . taps Jared on shoulder] Hi! You busy?

JARED: [removes earphones] I was just listening to music, why?

COLE: It's . . . I mean . . . there's like this dance at school . . . and all the guys are inviting girls.

JARED [amazed]: This is a problem?

COLE: I just don't know how to ask a girl to go with me!

JARED: Got somebody in mind?

COLE: Yes . . . uh, Sabrina. She's, you know, nice! But what do I say? I don't want to sound like I, you know, LIKE her! And I thought . . . you know . . . since you're so cool with girls . . .

JARED [interrupts, a bit amazed]: Me? Oh, yeah . . . well, cool enough, I guess! I mean, I don't get any complaints!

COLE: I know . . . so I thought you'd know what to do, since girls say you're cute and all.

JARED [surprised]: They do? [with confidence] I mean . . . of course they do! [pause] Has any particular girl said that?

COLE: That good-looking girl with the long red hair said she thought you were "all that!"

JARED [surprised and eager]: What girl? What's her name?

COLE [casually]: I can't remember . . . but anyway, lots of girls like you. Now tell me how to get just one girl to go to the party with me!

JARED: Okay . . . we'll get back to that redhead later. Now, about your friend. [pause to think, proudly gets an idea] Just casually walk up to her and say, "Hi, Sabrina! You look really great today." Talk about anything, homework or whatever, for a couple of minutes, then spring it on her!

COLE: Spring what on her?

JARED: Flash your brightest smile and say, "Going to the dance with anyone, Sabrina?" If she says yes, say, "Good, I'll see you there!" BUT, if she says no, say, "Oh, yes you are . . . you're going with me!" And smile!

COLE: That's good! Thanks, Jared. I knew you'd know what to do!

JARED: Now . . . back to that redhead. You don't remember her name? COLE: I never heard it. All I know is that she's Pat Elliot's sister.

JARED: Marci Elliot? I can't believe it! She's the most popular girl in school! And she likes me? Wow! I think I'll ride my bike by her house right now!

COLE:Wait! I thought you said not to let on that you really like a girl?

JARED: When you get a little older, Cole, you'll be a little wiser . . . like me! Then you'll know when to let 'em know you like 'em . . . and when not to! [exits, saying, "Marci Elliot, are you a lucky girl or what?"]

1. What problem does Cole have in the play?
  a. He needs to learn how to do the mambo.
  b. He needs his brother to sign his report card.
  c. He needs to have a new suit for the school dance.
  d. He needs to ask a girl to the school dance.
2. Why does Cole think Jared can solve the problem?
  a. Jared's older and girls seem to like him.
  b. Cole knows Jared has a sister named Marci.
  c. Jared studied about girls in ancient Egypt.
  d. Cole thinks Jared likes Sabrina's mom.
3. What is Jared's main problem in the play?
  a. He has a crush on Sabrina's mom.
  b. He needs to find out the name of the red-haired girl.
  c. His MP3 player broke.
  d. His favorite shoes don't fit anymore.
4. How does Cole solve Jared's problem?
  a. He calls Sabrina to get the red-haired girl's name.
  b. He sees the red-haired girl's picture in the school yearbook.
  c. He spots the girl on TV giving the weather.
  d. He remembers that her last name is Elliot.
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