Reading Problems and Solutions Practice Exercises (page 3)

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Updated on Sep 29, 2011

Practice 3: A Teen Patriot 

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) The Ludingtons lived in New York, an American colony fighting for independence from England. One rainy April night in 1777, a boy rode up shouting, "Danbury's burning!" He'd come from nearby Danbury, Connecticut. "The British have attacked the city!" he cried. "General George Washington must send troops!"
(2) Mr. Ludington led the local Minutemen—live-at-home soldiers who were ready to fight at a minute's notice. He knew they could reach Danbury long before Washington's troops. But someone had to rally his men to gather for battle. He sent his 16-year-old daughter Sybil to tell them. All night the tired, frightened girl rode. She covered 40 miles (64 km), shouting from house to house, "Danbury's burning! Gather at Ludington's!" She stopped only to hide when she spotted any British soldiers. She knew they would have captured her as a traitor!
(3) The next morning, the mud-splashed girl returned home. And 400 Minutemen marched against the British. When George Washington heard of Sybil's ride, he came to personally thank the brave young patriot.
11. Which is the main problem in the story?
  a. General Washington needed the Minutemen to find him a horse.
  b. Mr. Ludington needed to get a doctor to help Sybil.
  c. Someone had to rally the Minutemen to meet at Ludington's.
  d. Sybil needed to find a date for the spring dance.
12. What was the solution to the main problem?
  a. Sybil asked her older brother to take a message to their dad.
  b. Sybil rode to tell the Minutemen to gather at her house.
  c. Mr. Ludington sent a text message to each of the Minutemen.
  d. General Washington gave a speech to rally the troops.
13. How did Sybil solve the problem if she ran into any British soldiers?
  a. She fought them off with a sword.
  b. She fed them poisoned apples.
  c. Her horse knocked them down.
  d. She hid by the side of the road.


1. d
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. b
6. d
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. Three of the following: lift heavy things, weld, spray paint, pack products, mix chemicals
11. c
12. b
13. d
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