Irregular Verbs and Pronouns: Writing Skills Success Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Review the lesson for Irregular Verbs and Pronouns: Writing Skills Success Study Guide.

Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise: Lie or Lay

Write the correct form of lie or lay in each of the blanks that follow. Answers are at the end of the exercises.

  1. Sara ––––– her hat and gloves on the table when she came in.
  2. ––––– the packages on the mailroom floor.
  3. Gary ––––– on the sofa until three o'clock in the morning.
  4. Gramps has ––––– in bed with a headache most of the day.
  5. No one had any idea how long the sandwiches had ––––– in the sun, or who had ––––– them there in the first place.

Practice Exercise: Sit or Set

Write the correct form of sit or set in each of the blanks that follow. Answers are at the end of the lesson.

  1. The board of directors ––––– aside additional money for research and development.
  2. Heather ––––– the glass on the table next to the picture of Daniella and ––––– with Jack, the family's pet cat.
  3. I can't remember where I ––––– the mail down.
  4. Logan ––––– by Pauline in class every day; they ––––– their books on the rack under their chairs.
  5. We had ––––– in the waiting room for almost an hour before the doctor saw us.

Practice Exercise: Rise or Raise

Write the correct form of rise or raise in each of the blanks that follow. Answers are at the end of the lesson.

  1. The guard ––––– the flag every morning before the sun ––––– .
  2. The McDermotts ––––– six children; two were twins.
  3. By late morning, the fog had ––––– enough for us to see the neighboring farm.
  4. The reporters ––––– their hands and ––––– from their seats when they were called upon by the president.

Practice Exercise: Problem Pronouns

Circle the correct word in each set of parentheses. Answers are at the end of the exercises.

  1. Call her when (its, it's) time to go to lunch.
  2. The company was known for (its, it's) excellent health care benefits.
  3. (Its, It's) ball field becomes a muddy mess when (it's, its) raining.
  4. Don't forget (your, you're) umbrella when you leave the house this morning.
  5. (Your, You're) scheduled to meet with the new client tomorrow morning.
  6. (Your, You're) schedule for tomorrow is finalized.
  7. (It's, Its) (your, you're) number (their, they're, there) going to call, not mine.
  8. This is the scarf (who, which, that) I borrowed from Jessica.
  9. My friend Evan is the one (who, which, that) lives in Seattle.
  10. The new grocery store, (who, which, that) is located in the center of town, is scheduled to open next week.
  11. Georgia O'Keeffe, (who, which, that) is my favorite artist, lived in New Mexico for many years.
  12. He was on the team (who, which, that) won last year's title.
  13. (There, Their, They're) scheduled to arrive in London next week.
  14. (Your, You're) never going to find the books in (there, their, they're).
  15. The teller (who, which, that) gave me the deposit slip is over (there, their, they're).
  16. (Its, It's) been five years since (there, their, they're) apartment was painted.
  17. (Whose, Who's) calculator needs batteries?
  18. (Who's Whose) been handling the supply orders for our department?
  19. (Who's, Whose) birthday is it?
  20. Jacob met with the person (who's, whose) organizing the conference.


  1. laid
  2. Lay
  3. lay
  4. lain
  5. lain, laid
  6. set
  7. set, sitting
  8. set
  9. sits, set
  10. sat
  11. raised, rose or raises, rises
  12. raised
  13. risen
  14. raised, rose
  15. it's
  16. its
  17. Its, it's
  18. your
  19. You're
  20. Your
  21. It's, your, they're
  22. that
  23. who
  24. which
  25. who
  26. that
  27. They're
  28. You're, there
  29. who, there
  30. It's, their
  31. Whose
  32. Who's
  33. Whose
  34. who's
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