Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 22, 2011

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Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Determine which pronoun best fits for pronoun-antecedent agreement in each sentence. Check your answers below.

1. Somebody dropped (their/his or her) wallet.
2. Most of the class pushed in (their/its) chairs.
3. Some of the girls sang (their/her) favorite song.
4. Katelyn and Radikha called (their/her) parents on Saturday.
5. Daniel or Dave left (their/his) sunglasses on the table in the hallway.
6. Neither Mary nor Paul studied (their/his or her) spelling words.
7. All of the players liked (their/his or her) coach.
8. Everybody must wash (their/his or her) hands before dinner.
9. Many good athletes spend (their/his or her) time training after school.
10. One of the buildings lost (their/its) electricity yesterday afternoon.
11. These puppies still belong with (their/his or her) mother.
12. Nobody broke (their/his or her) promise.
13. Nora placed (their/her) watch on the shelf by her bed.
14. Rick or Davaughn brought (their/his) guitar.
15. Most dogs are loyal to (their/his or her) owner.


1. his or her
2. their
3. their
4. their
5. his
6. his or her
7. their
8. his or her
9. their
10. its
11. their
12. his or her
13. her
14. his
15. their
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