Pronoun Practice Exercises for English Grammar

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Updated on Aug 12, 2011

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  1. In the following sentences, supply the missing personal and impersonal pronouns as shown in the examples:
      The instructor graded the student's paper.
          He     graded the student's paper.
      The instructor graded     it    .
      The governor signed the proclamation.
          She     signed     it    .
    1. For very young children, Miss Grant did not stress attention to detail.
    2. For very young children, __________ did not stress attention to detail.

    3. In writing biography and criticism, an author must observe all scholarly traditions.
    4. In writing biography and criticism, __________ (or __________) must observe all scholarly traditions.

    5. Few valid studies of Queen Elizabeth II are concerned with the conditions under which British royalty live.
    6. Few valid studies of Queen Elizabeth II are concerned with the conditions under which __________ live.
    7. Mrs. Kaye is responsible for overseeing both sales and marketing.
    8. __________ is responsible for overseeing both sales and marketing.

    9. I decided to give Alice and Bob the portrait they admired so much.
    10. I decided to give __________ the portrait they admired so much.

    11. The agents agreed that John's gift was worth more than expected.
    12. __________ agreed that __________ was worth more than expected.

    13. Your view of London and my view differ widely.
    14. Your view of London and __________ differ widely.

    15. American ballet is particularly interesting since __________ is not confined by tradition.
    16. John's view of London and mine differ widely.
    17. __________ differ widely.

    18. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had several children.
    19. __________ had several children.

    20. When submitting manuscripts for publication, the writer must supply two clear copies.
    21. When submitting manuscripts for publication, __________ (or __________) must supply two clear copies.

    22. Whatever preference you may have, the restaurant has a suitable wine.
    23. Whatever your preference, the restaurant has a wine suitable for __________.

    24. Is there no way of forcing the hands of the opposing attorneys?
    25. Is there no way of forcing __________ hands?

    26. Do you know when Dubliners was first published?
    27. Do you know when __________ was first published?

    28. It is characteristic of Norma that she agreed to go to the dinner party even though the invitation arrived late.
    29. It is characteristic of __________ that she agreed to go to the dinner party even though the invitation arrived late.

    30. Does this book belong to Stan and Ethel?
    31. Does this book belong to __________?

      Is this book __________?

    32. I cannot recall whether the poem you refer to is by either Robert or Elizabeth Browning.
    33. I am certain the poem you refer to is by one of __________.

    34. Bill's information was less complete than the information supplied to Louise.
    35. Bill's information was less complete than the information supplied to __________.

    36. No one but Phyllis can do that job properly.
    37. No one but __________ can do that job properly.

    38. Jane was instructed to give the paper to no one but Joe.
    39. Jane was instructed to give the paper to no one but __________.

    40. The Lopez family is going to have its annual reunion.
    41. __________ are going to have an annual reunion.

    42. It is time to give Pooch the medicine the veterinarian prescribed.
    43. It is time to give Pooch the medicine __________ (or __________) prescribed.

    44. Has the cat made a mess again?
    45. Has __________ made a mess again?

    46. Does the painting belong in the neighbors' collection?
    47. Is the painting one of __________?

    48. Was the portrait of his first wife?
    49. Was the portrait __________?

  2. In the following sentences, supply the missing relative pronouns as shown in these examples:
          Whoever     turns in the best essay will receive the award.
      The table     that     you refinished is standing in the study.
    1. This essay, __________ is the worst she has ever written, will surely be judged unworthy of publication.
    2. The story __________ I told you must not be repeated.
    3. Actresses __________ are good enough for the Broadway stage must surely be good enough for regional theaters.
    4. The antiques of __________ you boast may well turn out to be worthless.
    5. Plays __________ plots are that obvious cannot hold the interest of any mature audience.
    6. Of __________ I have no opinion worth declaring.
    7. People in __________ you place great trust are surely special people.
    8. The paragraphs __________ to you allude have been lost in the computer printout.
    9. The answer to __________ is clearly beyond my limited knowledge.
    10. __________ finds the dog will demand a reward for its return.
    11. Coats and hats __________ are left in the cloakroom must be claimed by their owners within an hour after the performance.
    12. __________ you cite, be certain that your footnote fully credits the source.
    13. Horses __________ find their way a great distance from home cannot be thought of as dumb animals.
    14. __________ of the two paintings you buy is certainly going to please her.
    15. Blue flowers, for __________ I have a special fondness, are not often found in a modern garden.
    16. I decided to like __________ she chooses to marry.
    17. The house __________ I live in is for sale at any reasonable price.
    18. My house, __________ is for sale, sits on a cramped but attractive plot.
    19. Houses __________ designs are unconventional may not be readily marketable.
    20. Despite her protests, I proceeded to buy the chair __________ she did not want.
    21. The partners __________ signed the agreement happily lived to regret doing so.
    22. Young men __________ you see in bars are spending their time unwisely.
    23. __________ agrees to undertake this project will find that he or she has contracted for a great deal of work.
    24. __________ of these minor masterpieces do you prefer?
    25. To __________ shall I address the letter of application?
  3. In the following sentences, supply the missing demonstrative pronouns as shown in these examples:
          This     suits me better than the previous choice.
      The latter suits me better than the     former    .
    1. Indeed, if it were not __________, I surely would have told you by now.
    2. I sewed a few of __________ before I went on to a second batch.
    3. Let __________ stand as my best effort.
    4. He decided to sell me __________ instead of these.
    5. Picture __________ hanging in your living room.
    6. When you consider famous thoroughbreds of all time, it is doubtful that Secretariat would be the __________ that comes to mind.
    7. We ate a little of __________ and a little of __________.
    8. We ate a few of __________ and a few of __________.
    9. When conditions are __________ that airlines close down flights to our city, we no longer can expect to have full employment.
    10. __________ who are willing to stand for office must be willing to debate campaign issues on television.
  4. In the following sentences, supply the missing interrogative pronouns as shown in these examples:
          Who     has completed the entire English assignment?
          What     can I tell you about her situation?
    1. __________ is your favorite classical composer?
    2. __________ should we do about all the broken windows?
    3. __________ of those birds did my brother Al shoot?
    4. __________ were you talking with when I happened to walk by?
    5. __________ can you see through the telescope?
    6. __________ was playing nine innings of baseball in the rain?
    7. __________ do you want me to do for you?
    8. __________ is the man Edith praises so much?
    9. __________. were you about to do when I interrupted you?
    10. __________ do you think of her as a candidate for chief executive?
  5. In the following sentences, supply the missing reflexive pronouns as shown in these examples:
      Unfortunately he excused     himself     early, leaving us without guidance.
      No matter how badly the merchandise was displayed, it seemed to sell     itself    .
    1. Gary helped __________ to a second large piece of cake.
    2. You owe __________ a long vacation far from home.
    3. Our wishes __________ are to blame for our most serious faults.
    4. Nancy washed __________ in the icy stream.
    5. I usually give __________ the benefit of the doubt; doesn't one always give the same advantage?
    6. God is said to help those who help __________.
    7. After every meal she ate, the cat washed __________ thoroughly.
    8. You should stop fooling __________ about your health.
    9. Mr. Saunders made __________ successful through hard work over long years.
    10. Pam taught __________ Spanish and French.
    11. You men should not blame __________ for what went wrong.
    12. I am forcing __________ to lose at least thirty pounds.
    13. She will end up hurting __________ if she is not careful.
    14. Many a writer has found __________ at loose ends after completing her first novel.
    15. The town was ruining __________ by permitting neighboring towns to discharge waste into its sewage system.
  6. In the following sentences, supply the missing intensive pronouns as shown in these examples:
      He could do little     himself    to ease the recurrent pain.
      Mary     herself     found the situation hopelessly ludicrous.
    1. We __________ are responsible for most of our own actions.
    2. The Jones family __________ was not invited.
    3. If he __________ understood the problem, he would find an acceptable answer.
    4. One must __________ be alert to people's needs.
    5. When I __________ am to blame, I do not hesitate to do what I can to help out.
    6. You cannot consider that the two of you have completed the exercise __________.
    7. Oscar __________ was a good horseman in most respects.
    8. You __________ must find an acceptable solution.
    9. Alice was determined to complete the meal __________.
    10. Hugh __________ designed and built the house.
    11. We concluded that we __________ were entirely free of guilt.
    12. Television __________ does little to raise the literacy level in this country.
    13. You __________ will have to act as strong leaders or risk losing the election.
    14. You will have to show him the way __________.
    15. Do you mean that you __________ will do this work without any help?
  7. In the following sentences, supply the missing reciprocal pronouns as shown in these examples:
      The couple has only     each other     to blame for mismanaging their budget.
      If the triplets could see     one another     less frequently, they would be happier.
    1. The entire kitchen staff of twelve cooks helped in slicing and buttering __________ bread.
    2. The youngest child and his older brothers and sisters all made things as difficult as possible for __________.
    3. Gilbert and Sullivan had an intense dislike for __________ during much of their collaboration.
    4. He and Mary found __________ company almost unbearable by the time two weeks of summer had passed.
    5. We must do for __________ what we would like to have others do for us.
    6. They find __________ houses more interesting than their own.
    7. Children tend to prefer __________ company to that of most adults.
    8. The three wives discovered that there was much they liked about __________.
    9. Music and art complement __________ in the lives of many people.
    10. All the senior faculty members agreed that there was no practical way they could consult __________ on all problems that had to be resolved.
  8. In the following sentences, supply the missing indefinite pronouns as shown in these examples:
          Anyone     portrayed in this manner usually can sue for libel.
      We spoke to     each one or everyone     in turn.
      The police suspected that     something     had been taken by the intruders.
    1. When __________ had left, I began cleaning the auditorium.
    2. __________ was able to complete the crossword puzzle, because it was exceptionally difficult.
    3. Though many wanted to go aboard, __________ was permitted to do so.
    4. Sam said he would buy her __________ she asked for as long as the present would cost less than a hundred dollars.
    5. __________ were indicted for perjury, but only two were convicted.
    6. The party is open to __________ who wants to contribute to the charity.
    7. I gave her most of what I had, but she insisted on having __________.
    8. Unfortunately, there is __________ that can be done.
    9. Investigators finally decided that __________ had been taken.
    10. When I got through with it, there was __________ left.
    11. __________ who works long enough and hard enough is bound to succeed.
    12. You can tell me __________ you want, but I probably will not believe you.
    13. __________ was discussed, but was done.
    14. I have done __________ I can, and now __________ will have to wait and hope.
    15. __________ who is completely sane could have committed such a crime.
    16. Peter asked __________ he knew, but __________ gave him a straight answer.
    17. The weather was __________ that a turbulent flight was inevitable.
    18. Only a __________ were able to qualify for the Olympics track events on the first day.
    19. People always need __________ to blame their troubles on.
    20. __________ was thrown into the water in turn.
    21. The smoke bothered almost __________ who was there.
    22. __________ were able to pass the examination, but did exceptionally well.
    23. Richard told __________, not even his wife, about the robbery.
    24. The books are sitting there, waiting for __________ to read them.
    25. Tamara wanted to buy the brown shoes for Sam, but he preferred the __________.
  9. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      A file folder must be put back in the place where     it     belongs.
      Books     that     are widely read are frequently stolen.
    1. The Mexican government relies heavily on the tourists __________ can attract from the rest of North America.
    2. College professors usually say that __________ believe the quality of their students is improving year by year.
    3. Radioactive wastes can be a threat to the lives of the residents of a town if __________ do not take steps to safeguard their water supply.
    4. After Hazel and Harry had finished their work, __________ went to the movies.
    5. The New York Yankees, __________ flourished during the era of Babe Ruth, have found frequently longing for his return.
    6. __________ of the three virtuoso violinists is best known by concertgoers?
    7. After an electrical storm leaves an area, __________ either dissipates or goes on to do its mischief in another area.
    8. English teachers continue to make the same mistakes in the classroom __________ have always made.
    9. General Motors, __________ of the largest enterprises in the world, is always conscious of the public image it projects.
    10. The policeman said that __________ had caught all three burglars as __________ were leaving the store.
    11. Many experts deny the authenticity of that Vermeer, claiming that __________ lacks the quality of light __________ associate with the master.
    12. Although __________ do not often admit their debt, many Americans would be lost if __________ could not turn to their freezers and microwave ovens a half hour before starting dinner.
    13. A man __________ is true to his own conscience may find __________ in trouble with the authorities.
    14. Howard Carter, __________ studied in Egypt in 1922, discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, the famous Egyptian king __________ died when __________ was only eighteen.
    15. My neighbor is good at training her own two horses, but not that __________ boards.
    16. In the middle of the examination, I broke my pencil and was not allowed to sharpen __________.
    17. Roger left on a trip to Peru without remembering to carry the Spanish dictionary __________ needed so badly.
    18. Of all the plays of Shakespeare, King Lear is the one I like best, although the other tragedies surpass __________ as far as my wife is concerned.
    19. __________ of Dora's cats is gentler, the brown or the gray?
    20. This book, __________ I found in a secondhand bookstore, is proving __________ valuable.
    21. Graham Greene is much admired for his early novels, but many say that __________ like all the work __________ published.
    22. Fujiyama is a famous tourist attraction, but many tourists complain that on most days __________ are not able to see __________.
    23. Anne Frank recorded her deepest fears and hopes in a diary __________ kept during the tragic events of World War II, but never saw __________ published.
    24. After fighting the fish for hours, the fisherman found that __________ could not bring __________ in.
    25. When Joe DiMaggio was in his prime, __________ was the hero of all young boys, __________ dreamed of seeing __________ play one day.
  10. In the following sentences supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      A male sibling and his sisters sometimes go through life without knowing what     they     really believe.
      I cannot understand why the brothers believe     they     will work together harmoniously.
      If a hotel or motel opens its doors next year,     it     will be operating profitably within two years.
    1. Neither Idaho nor Montana can boast of the severe winter weather __________ receives.
    2. The mountains and beaches are crowded by tourists every year even though __________ are becoming increasingly inaccessible.
    3. My parents raise cows and sheep even though __________ are not profitable.
    4. We have been given our paychecks, but neither Carole nor Susan has received __________ yet.
    5. Either the brothers or the sister will have to pay her debt before the credit manager will give __________ additional credit.
    6. Either the sister or the brothers will have to pay their debt before the credit manager will give __________ additional credit.
    7. Neither the union members nor their leaders showed any interest in a quick settlement of the dispute between __________.
    8. Either the union president or the members will have to show interest in a quick settlement if __________ are to have labor peace.
    9. The librarians and the library board are meeting tonight to adopt the budget we offered __________ for next year.
    10. Neither Ted nor his brothers found __________ were entirely happy when the family attorney read their father's will aloud.
  11. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      The board of directors has not met since     it     recessed in January.
      The board of directors have been in constant consultation, because     they     anticipate a growing fiscal problem.
    1. The debating team is having its best season since __________ was organized.
    2. The steering committee are meeting to declare that __________ intend to strike.
    3. No organization has a future if its members are not willing to support __________.
    4. I would be willing to be a member of a group that stands up for the positions __________ believes in.
    5. The contents of the box are stamped on the top, but __________ can scarcely be read without a magnifying glass.
    6. Across the street live a couple who soon will announce that __________ are grandparents.
    7. A dozen is too much for a small meal and too little for a large one, but __________ might be just right for a bedtime snack.
    8. My offspring are going to be permitted to go to the theater by __________.
    9. The company has sponsored a picnic every summer since __________ started in business.
    10. A jury usually is not unanimous in its judgment unless one attorney or the other is extremely skillful in arguing before __________.
  12. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in the examples:
      Neither Manuel nor Juan was willing to say that     he     knew the answers.
      Anyone who works hard will receive the reward     he or she     deserves.
    1. I would like to locate somebody __________ does house painting.
    2. Somebody has to do his (her) work better than __________ has been doing it, or somebody will find out of a job.
    3. No one can do more than __________ has done to help people less fortunate.
    4. He recommended the sort of program that usually commends __________ to the uninformed viewer.
    5. Anybody who finds __________ in conflict with the law is well advised to find __________ a lawyer.
    6. Mary found For Whom the Bell Tolls the sort of book that works its way deep into the conscience of any sensitive person who reads __________.
    7. One of the eggs was still sticking to the pan, assserting that __________ had a right to remain uneaten.
    8. Either of the girls considers __________ fortunate when she has enough to eat.
    9. Students were asked to share their dorm rooms, but nobody wanted to be the first to offer __________.
    10. A woman who asserts __________ is the kind of woman needed for an executive position.
    11. He found that each of the defects became immediately apparent once __________ was pointed out.
    12. The Dean of Women claimed that no one in the women's dormitory was interested in stepping forward to declare __________ available for a leadership job.
    13. Neither of the organizations desired to review the entire spectrum of policies __________ stood for.
    14. Everybody in the extended community was going to assert __________.
    15. One of the fellows was denied permission to complete the project by __________.
    16. Any sort of food is acceptable as long as __________ is palatable.
    17. Anyone who wants to use my razor can do so if is willing to clean it afterwards.
    18. Either was acceptable, provided that __________ met the full test of credibility.
    19. Everybody will be allowed to join as long as __________ has the initiation fee.
    20. She declared that no one had established full claim to ownership, because no one had filed the papers __________ was obliged to supply.
  13. In the following sentences supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      By the time their dinner was over,     we or you or they     were exhausted.
      Ruth found that     she     was unable to complete her work.
    1. __________ is the most beautiful flower in the entire greenhouse.
    2. __________ among you is willing to take over the job I am leaving?
    3. I told her that __________ was the most talented artist in the class.
    4. The roles __________ played made John Barrymore sought after by all theatrical producers.
    5. Pablo Casals was able to perform in concert even when __________ was in his nineties.
    6. Owners of little dogs must see to it that __________ always have enough to eat and drink.
    7. Persian melons are not always as succulent as __________ appear to be.
    8. The Tempest appeals to me more and more each time __________ see it.
    9. A telephone company employee __________ helps customers in times of emergency is eligible for a special award.
    10. A United States Senator __________ is present on the floor of the Senate during debate is as rare as __________ is valuable to the community __________ serves.
  14. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      The firm dismissed     him or her or them or us or you or me     for no apparent reason.
      The outfielder tossed     her     the ball, because she asked for it.
    1. Although Mrs. Gilbert testified that I had misled her, I insist that I told __________ the entire truth before asking __________ to sign my petition.
    2. The boy __________ to I gave the book is no longer a member of the group.
    3. __________ shall we invite to the office party?
    4. They decided to give __________ trouble, because I would not be a party to their conniving.
    5. Television can distract __________ from our legitimate work.
    6. Going to chamber music recitals gave __________ much pleasure in their old age.
    7. Would you find it wrong of __________ to offer __________ my hand when you are leaving a bus?
    8. His mother slapped __________ as hard as she could when she realized that he had told lies.
    9. __________ must we send the last five copies to?
    10. Is there any way we can find of helping __________ anonymously when she needs help?
  15. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in the examples:
      Constantly quizzing     them     is not going to make your students happier.
      We wanted to distract     her     as much as possible, so she would spend her last days contentedly.
    1. The staff insists that everything possible be done for students to give __________ the opportunity they need.
    2. Troublemakers are not going to be changed by restricting __________ to a few areas.
    3. Having invited __________, we must do all we can to treat our guests well.
    4. Memorizing a role is not as difficult as performing __________.
    5. After capturing enemy soldiers, we must treat __________ humanely.
    6. To give __________ his due, Juan has always been faithful to the people.
    7. While we have been able to identify child abuse, we are having difficulty in eradicating __________.
    8. To prepare for examinations is only half the job; we also have the responsibility to pass __________.
    9. Elizabeth found herself facing all her problems honestly, but failing in her efforts to solve __________.
    10. Her guest had stayed so late that my sister decided to invite __________ to have some breakfast.
  16. In the following sentences supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      Susan's mother often asked for     her or him or me or us or them or you    .
      The cat trailed after     me     all day long, even though I tried to get away from    l it    .
    1. Annie does not care for a moment that people are talking about __________.
    2. Try as hard as we can, we cannot choose among __________.
    3. The subject was clearly beyond __________, so I decided to end my presentation.
    4. As Dick looked out upon the city, he felt that all he had to do was reach out and grasp what lay before __________.
    5. Within __________ was beautiful music waiting to be released by the young composer.
    6. His mother proved obdurate: he had received the last dollar he would ever get from __________.
    7. By __________ was this obscene letter written?
    8. Inside __________ still was the fear he had known for so long.
    9. Among __________ are two or three lucky individuals who will win substantial amounts; the rest will insist their fees had been taken from __________ without a chance of winning.
    10. After learning that Rebecca had paid for the book, we returned the money to __________.
  17. In the following sentences supply the missing pronouns as shown in the examples:
      We found     his or hers     the best of the entries.
          Theirs     had been damaged, but not     mine    .
    1. Our book had been left unopened all those years, so __________ was used.
    2. We took everything they made, because __________ were the least expensive and most reliable tables available.
    3. Several artists entered paintings in the competition. __________ did you choose?
    4. Harry told us __________ was best because we had completely thought through the problem.
    5. Ellen phrased __________ so carefully and appropriately that mine was totally ignored by all the judges on the committee.
    6. All things considered, Amy prefers to market __________ because she admires the work we do.
    7. Jon and Rory enjoy their new home more than we can possibly enjoy __________.
    8. Reading is valuable for their children as well as for __________.
    9. If you will do without yours, I will do without __________.
    10. When the big contributor announces her generous gift, we will announce __________.
  18. In the following sentences, supply the missing pronouns as shown in these examples:
      We, John and     I     , can do all the work.
      She found us, Carole and     me     , in the midst of preparing dinner for eight people.
      I asked him whose class met first,     his     or mine?
    1. The judge was stern to both of us, the claimant's attorney and __________.
    2. Both of us, the district attorney and __________, were called before the judge.
    3. I do not know whose interests are being considered, but I believe we should take care of our own, yours and __________, before we worry about a stranger's.
    4. The old man's will referred to the two of them, Robert and __________, as "good sons and worthy."
    5. The two of us, Jenny and __________, were invited to the same inaugural ball.
    6. Walsh likely will invite neither of us, Emma nor __________.
    7. We both have an interest in the matter, and I wonder whose understanding is closer to the truth, yours or __________.
    8. Both our families, his and __________, are uncomfortable at the thought of another dismal reunion.
    9. Last year's election found us, my wife and __________, ill prepared to vote with any degree of enthusiasm.
    10. We could find no valid solutions for our joint problems, she in regard to financial matters and __________ in regard to social relationships.
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