What Are Pronouns Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 21, 2011

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What Are Pronouns Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

In the following sentences, identify the boldface pronoun as personal, possessive, demonstrative, reflexive, intensive, or indefinite.

  1. Those used to be dad's, but they are now mine. He gave them to me.
  2. It sold out so quickly, they themselves were lucky to be going to the concert.
  3. Jack unhitched the tractor himself and drove it to the field to do some plowing.
  4. Something was bothering him, but no one knew what it was.
  5. Alison thought that these were prettier earrings than the ones she saw earlier.
  6. Both of the kittens were so cute and cuddly, it was hard to choose.
  7. Jake walked up to the giant redwood and said, "This is the biggest tree I have ever seen."
  8. It looks like everybody is going on the field trip.
  9. Is this pair of jeans yours or mine?
  10. Wow! She has a great costume! There is no one in class as creative as Diana.


1. Those—demonstrative, they—personal, mine—possessive, He—personal, them—personal, me—personal
2. It—personal, they—personal, themselves—intensive
3. himself—reflexive, it—personal
4. Something—indefinite, him—personal, no one—indefinite, it—personal
5. these—demonstrative, she—personal
6. Both—indefinite, it—personal
7. This—demonstrative, I—personal
8. It—personal, everybody—indefinite
9. yours—possessive, mine—possessive
10. She—personal, no one—indefinite
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