Pronouns Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Pronouns Practice

Identify the Pronoun Case

Identify the case of the boldfaced pronouns in each of the sentences.

  1. Marcy had obviously forgotten when her term report was due.
  2. I wore the weirdest vampire costume to the Halloween party.
  3. "It is really none of my business," he mumbled.
  4. She likes their fruit salad best.
  5. It was supposed to rain again; the weather has been dreary lately.
  6. Kenneth turned the corner recklessly in his new car and scratched it.
  7. The squirrel balanced itself on the tree branch high above me.
  8. Riley took his book and placed it on the table next to him.
  9. He applied for a credit card online today and they approved him.
  10. Liza had to buy herself a new pair of glasses because her sister accidentally sat on them and broke them.

Demonstrative, Relative, Indefinite or Interrogative

Determine whether the boldfaced pronoun is demonstrative, relative, indefinite, or interrogative.

  1. No one is supposed to be going.
  2. That is the best idea I've heard all day.
  3. The supervisor gave her the Monroe account that needed immediate attention.
  4. Whose idea was it to paint the deck red?
  5. Chris told me that somebody saw someone on your bike.
  6. It was Greg who called our house at two o'clock this morning.
  7. If no one helps anybody, then what is the point of continuing?
  8. What can I say? I planned this from the get-go.
  9. Ever since last year, few have stayed on, except for Charlie.
  10. They played the team that had a horrible losing streak, and lost.


  1. her: possessive
  2. I: subjective
  3. It: subjective
  4. She: subjective; their: objective
  5. It: subjective
  6. his: possessive; it: objective
  7. itself: reflexive; me: objective
  8. his: possessive; it: objective; him: objective
  9. He: subjective; they: subjective; him: objective
  10. herself: reflexive; her: possessive; them, them: objective
  11. No one: indefinite
  12. That: demonstrative
  13. that: relative
  14. Whose: interrogative
  15. somebody: indefinite; someone: indefinite
  16. who: relative
  17. no one: indefinite; anybody: indefinite
  18. What: interrogative; this: demonstrative
  19. few: indefinite
  20. that: relative
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