Using Pronunciation For Spelling Study Guide (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 28, 2011

General Pronunciation Guide 

The following pronunciation guide will show you how the main sounds in the English language are pronounced.

a as in apple
a as in ace
ä a as in star
âr ar as in care
a as in about, e as in the, i as in pencil, o as in bishop, u as in supply
b b as in baby
ch ch as in chicken
d d as in dog
e as in bet
e as in complete, y as in hungry
r er in butter, ir as in bird, or as in doctor, ur as in urge
f f as in fast, ph as in phone
g g as in good
h h as in hat
i as in him
îr ier as in pier, ear as in fear
i as in ice
j j as in job
k k as in kid, c as in cookie
l l as in lie le as in beetle
m m as in man
n n as in fun
o as in mop
o as in toe
o as in torn, a as in warm, aw as in awkward
oi oi as in noise, oy as in boy
û oo as in foot, u as in put
ow ou as in out
p p as in pin
r r as in real
s s as in mess, c as in city
t t as in tiny
th th as in the
th as in thin
u as in run, o as in honey
u as in uniform
ü oo as in boot
u as in cure, cute
v v as in visit
w w as in why
z z as in zombie
zh si as in vision, ge as in garage

TIP: A good dictionary will include more than just definitions. When looking for a dictionary, make sure it includes the phonetic spelling of each word and a full pronunciation key at the beginning of the dictionary. The pronunciation key should include all of the pronunciation symbols used in the dictionary to represent the words phonetically. Once you have found a dictionary that meets your needs, take some time to review the pronunciation key and learn the symbols. You will then be well equipped to improve your spelling through improved pronunciation.

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