Reading Comprehension Strategies Practice Test (page 2)

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

Marking Practice Passage 1

Before you check the answers, look again at the paragraph. Did you mark it up? If so, it may look something like this:

Marking Practice Passage 1


  1. The subject of the passage is healthier, low-fat lunch options in school cafeterias. Remember, the subject of a passage is who or what the passage is about.
  2. b, c, e, f. These results are all mentioned in the passage. Tofu (a) and stir-fried vegetables (g) are both healthy, low-fat lunch options, but they are not mentioned in the passage. Fries (d) are mentioned, but they are not low-fat and are mentioned as one of the unhealthy items that should be replaced.
  3. Remember, you're looking for the facts that the author has provided. It is extremely important, especially in test situations, not to choose an answer that isn't present in the text. Logic may tell you that tofu and stir-fried vegetables are healthy, low fat lunch options, but the paragraph doesn't tell you this. You need to stick to the facts. Any assumption that you make about a passage must be grounded in evidence found in that passage itself.

  4. b. Mimic means to copy. The most obvious clue is the way the word is used in the sentence: "Unfortunately, school cafeterias—in an effort to provide food that is appetizing to young people—mimic fast food menus, often serving items such as burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken." Burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken are all foods served by fast-food restaurants, and if school cafeterias are also serving those foods, they are clearly copying fast-food menus, not rejecting, ignoring, or disregarding them.
  5. b. This is the correct answer because the text describes the food served by fast-food restaurants as "fast, inexpensive, and tasty." Although the article mentions veggie burgers (cited in choice c), and while it is true that salads are served in some fast food restaurants, tasty and inexpensive are the qualities that are mentioned in connection to fast-food restaurant menus in this article. Seafood and home-cooked meals are never mentioned.
  6. True. This sentence expresses the main idea.
  7. True. This sentence is an opinion. It is debatable. Someone else might think that altering the menu in school cafeterias isn't one of the most important steps to be taken in order to make the United States a healthier, slimmer nation. They might think that launching a public service ad campaign about the dangers of fast food or implementing more rigorous classroom education about eating healthy is more important than changing the menus of school cafeterias.

Practice Passage 2

Try one more paragraph to conclude this first section. Once again, mark up the paragraph carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

Robert Johnson is the best blues guitarist of all time. There is little information available about this legendary blues guitarist, and the information is as much rumor as fact. What is indisputable, however, is Johnson's tremendous impact on the world of rock and roll. Some consider Johnson the father of modern rock: His influence extends to artists from Muddy Waters to Led Zeppelin, from the Rolling Stones to the Allman Brothers Band. Eric Clapton has called Johnson the most important blues musician who ever lived. Considering his reputation, it is hard to believe that Johnson recorded only 29 songs before his death in 1938, purportedly at the hands of a jealous husband. He was only 27 years old, yet he left an indelible mark on the music world. Again and again, contemporary rock artists return to Johnson, whose songs capture the very essence of the blues, transforming our pain and suffering with the healing magic of his guitar. Rock music wouldn't be what it is today without Robert Johnson.
  1. According to the passage, from what musical tradition did Robert Johnson emerge?
    1. rock and roll
    2. jazz
    3. blues
  2. Johnson died in
    1. 1927.
    2. 1938.
    3. 1929.
  3. True or False: Johnson influenced many rock artists, including Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.
  4. Contemporary rock artists turn to Robert Johnson for
    1. musical influence.
    2. life lessons.
    3. recovery from painful injuries.
  5. The most appropriate title for this article would be
    1. "A Fleeting Life"
    2. "The World's Greatest Musician"
    3. "Blues Guitar Legend Robert Johnson"
  6. The main idea of this paragraph is best expressed in which sentence in the paragraph?
  7. Indicate whether the following sentences are fact or opinion:
    1. "Robert Johnson is the best blues guitarist of all time."
    2. "Eric Clapton has called Johnson the most important blues musician who ever lived."
    3. "Rock music wouldn't be what it is today without Robert Johnson."
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