Reading Comprehension Strategies Practice Test (page 3)

Updated on Sep 20, 2011


  1. c. See the first and second sentences. The next-to-last sentence also provides this information.
  2. b. See the sixth sentence.
  3. True. See the fourth sentence.
  4. a. In sentence five, the author mentions that contemporary rock bands such as Muddy Waters and Led Zeppelin were influenced by Johnson's music. In the last sentence, Johnson's legendary musical influence is communicated when the author writes, "Again and again, contemporary rock artists return to Johnson." Based on the text, the logical conclusion is that the contemporary artists are turning to Johnson for musical inspiration.
  5. c. Although "A Fleeting Life" might be an appropriate description for Johnson's brief life span, it describes only one aspect of his life. On the other hand, specifying that Robert Johnson is a blues guitar legend is more specific and descriptive. Although some of his fans might consider Johnson to be "The World's Greatest Musician," there are many who would disagree. The term "musician" covers music in general, and while Johnson might have been great in his particular genre, he would not likely be recognized as "the greatest musician" in all other music genres, such as classical or country music.
  6. The third sentence. The point of the whole passage, which is Johnson's impact on rock and roll, is very clearly stated in the third sentence, "What is indisputable, however, is Johnson's tremendous impact on the world of rock and roll."
  7. Choice a is opinion. It is debatable whether Johnson is the best blues guitarist of all time. Choice b is fact. This is verifiable information. Choice c is opinion because this is a debatable proposition.

TIP: The more often you read, the more likely it is that you will learn new words. Because it is sometimes difficult to know how to pronounce a word solely by reading it, consider using an electronic dictionary with a pronunciation feature. That way, you can learn the correct pronunciation of an unfamiliar word at the same time that you learn its definition.

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