Limits and Continuity Rapid Review for AP Calculus

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Updated on Oct 24, 2011

Review the following concepts if needed:

  1. Find f (2) and f (x ) and determine if f is continuous at x = 2. (See Figure 5.4-1.)
  2. Answer: f (2)=2, f (x )=4, and f is discontinuous at x = 2.

    Rapid Review

  3. Answer: The limit is –3, since the polynomials in the numerator and denominator have the same degree.

  4. Answer: The limit is –∞, since (x2 – 25) approaches 0 through negative values.

  5. Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of
  6. Answer: The vertical asymptotes are x = ± 5, and the horizontal asymptote is y = 0, since f (x) = 0.

Practice problems for this concept can be found at Limits and Continuity Practice Problems for AP Calculus,

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