Exploring Ratios and Proportions Practice Questions

Updated on Oct 4, 2011

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Exploring Ratios and Proportions Practice Questions


Write each of the following as a ratio.

  1. 2 parts lemon juice to 5 parts water
  2. 1 cookie for every 3 donuts
  3. 24 people in 6 cars
  4. 4 teachers for 20 students
  5. 12 cups of sugar for 200 cups of coffee
  6. 1 head for every tail
  7. 60 miles per hour
  8. 20 minutes for each pound

Finish the comparison.

  1. If 3 out of 5 people pass this test, how many people will pass the test when 45 people take it?
  2. The ratio of male to female students at Blue Mountain College is 4 to 5. If there are 3,500 female students, how many male students are there?

Try these ratio word problems.

  1. Agatha died and left her $40,000 estate to her friends Bruce, Caroline, and Dennis in the ratio of 13:6:1, respectively. How much is Caroline's share? (Hint: The word respectively means that Bruce's share is 13 parts of the estate because he and the number 13 are listed first, Caroline's share is 6 parts because both are listed second, and Dennis's share is 1 part because both are listed last.)

    a. $1,000

    b. $2,000

    c. $6,000

    d. $12,000

    e. $26,000

  2. There were 28 people at last week's board meeting. If the ratio of men to women was 4:3, how many women were at the meeting?

    a. 16

    b. 12

    c. 7

    d. 4

    e. 3

  3. At a certain corporation, the ratio of clerical workers to executives is 7 to 2. If a combined total of 81 clerical workers and executives work for that corporation, how many clerical workers are there?

    a. 9

    b. 14

    c. 18

    d. 36

    e. 63

  4. Kate invests her retirement money with certificates of deposit, low-risk bonds, and high-risk stocks in a ratio of 3:5:2. If she put aside $8,000 last year, how much went into stocks?

    a. $2,000

    b. $1,600

    c. $800

    d. $3,200

    e. $4,000

  5. A unit price is a ratio that compares the price of an item to its unit of measurement. To determine which product is the better buy, calculate each one's unit price. Which of these five boxes of Klean-O Detergent is the best buy?

    a. Travel-size: $1 for 5 ounces

    b. Small: $2 for 11 ounces

    c. Regular: $4 for 22 ounces

    d. Large: $7 for 40 ounces

    e. Jumbo: $19 for 100 ounces

  6. Shezzy's pulse rate is 19 beats every 15 seconds.What is his rate in beats per minute?

    a. 76

    b. 60

    c. 57

    d. 45

    e. 34

Use cross-products to find the unknown quantity in each proportion.

Try these proportion word problems.

  1. The ratio of convertibles to sedans sold at Kandie's Cars in Portland, Oregon is 2:52. If Kandie's Cars sold 378 cars this year, how many of them were convertibles?

    a. 10

    b. 12

    c. 14

    d. 16

    e. 18

  2. In an enlarged photograph of the New York City skyline, every centimeter represents feet. If the Chrysler Building is 56 cm tall in this photo, approximately how tall is it in real life?

    a. 5,618.75 feet

    b. 2,300 feet

    c. 1,453 feet

    d. 1,284 feet

    e. 1,050 feet

  3. The last time Elizabeth had friends over, she noticed that they ate 2 bowls of mixed nuts for every 6 bowls of popcorn. If all together they had 24 bowls of snack food, and tomorrow she is having twice the number of guests as last time, how many bowls of mixed nuts should she provide?

    a. 8

    b. 6

    c. 18

    d. 12

    e. 10

  4. The Robb family wants to have the dining and living rooms in their vacation home steam-cleaned. They see that every of an inch in their floorplan drawing is equivalent to 2 feet, and that the drawing shows the dining and living rooms as a combined 4.5 inches wide and 6 inches long. Camile's Carpet Cleaning charges by the square foot. How many square feet will they be charged for?

    a. 54 ft.2

    b. 16 ft.2

    c. 192 ft.2

    d. 27 ft.2

    e. 768 ft.2

  5. A marinade recipe calls for cups of soy sauce for every cup of water and cup of sesame oil. If this recipe is enough to marinade 16 ounces of tofu, but Paul wants to only marinade 12 ounces of tofu, how much soy sauce should he use?

    a. of a cup

    b. 1 cup

    c. cups

    d. cups

    e. of a cup

  6. The Texas State lottery advertises that for every 8 losing tickets, there are 6 winning tickets where prize winners earn $0.50 or more. If they sold 504 lottery tickets last week, how many winners were there?

    a. 216

    b. 84

    c. 264

    d. 36

    e. 288


  1. 27
  2. 2,800
  3. d.
  4. b.
  5. e.
  6. b.
  7. d.
  8. a.
  9. 48 miles
  10. 3 hours
  11. 10 teaspoons
  12. 200 minutes
  13. c.
  14. e.
  15. d.
  16. e.
  17. b.
  18. a.
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