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Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at:

Adverbs Help Practice Exercises

Just as promised in yesterday's lesson, this one is about adverbs. Just as adjectives give details about nouns, adverbs serve the same function for verbs. They help paint a picture by giving details and descriptions about the verb or action. Instead of focusing on describing people, places, and things, adverbs describe reading, running, writing, shopping, and thousands of other verbs.

Notice that all the adverbs in today's lesson end in -ly. While the vast majority of adverbs do end this way, not all do. But the most common ones are about manner, or how something is done. These end in -ly. Other types of adverbs tell about place ("I've lived on this block all my life"), frequency ("She often stops by the library"), time ("He's supposed to return before dark"), and purpose ("We talk online to find out what happened at school"). Let's concentrate on the adverbs of manner in this lesson. (Notice how often the word manner appears in the definitions!)

Yeah for Me!

Once again, you can be thankful that this isn't a grammar book. If it were, it would have to include lessons about adverbial phrases, infinitive phrases, adverbs that modify adjectives, emphasizers, amplifiers, and lots of other things you don't have to deal with in a vocabulary book.


  • adamantly     firmly fixed or strongly against something, unyielding
  • balefully     deadly or harmful in influence, threatening harm or evil
  • coherently     logically connected, consistently, sticking together
  • decidedly     certain, unquestionable or unmistakable, free from hesitation
  • ignominiously     in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree
  • incorrigibly     in a manner beyond correction or reform, willful or unruly
  • inexplicably     in a manner impossible to explain or account for
  • inimitably     in an irreproducible manner or incapable of being copied
  • insatiably     to a degree or manner of not being satisfied or appeased
  • languidly     in a lethargic manner, lacking energy or weak
  • magnanimously     in a generous or forgiving manner, noble
  • meticulously     in an extremely careful and precise manner
  • opulently     in a sumptuous and luxurious manner
  • prolifically     in an abundant or productive manner, fruitfully
  • pungently     in a distressed, emotional manner
  • quiescently     in a restful, quiet, or inactive manner
  • resiliently     in a rebounding, springing back manner
  • sardonically     in a manner characterized by bitter or scornful derision, cynically
  • solicitously     in an anxious or overly concerned manner, eagerly
  • tenaciously     in a persistent, stubborn, or highly retentive manner; obstinately

Practice exercises for this study guide can be found at:

Adverbs Help Practice Exercises

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