Adverbs Help Practice Exercises

Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Adverbs Help Study Guide

Activity 1: WORD MATCH

Match each vocabulary word on the left with a word on the right that means almost the same thing.

1. adamantly _____ a. generously
2. balefully _____ b. stubbornly
3. coherently _____ c. robustly
4. decidedly _____ d. luxuriously
5. ignominiously _____ e. menacingly
6. incorrigibly _____ f. industriously
7. inexplicably _____ g. comprehensibly
8. inimitably _____ h. definitely
9. insatiably _____ i. dishonorably
10. languidly _____ j. obstinately
11. magnanimously _____ k. considerately
12. meticulously _____ l. cynically
13. opulently _____ m. mysteriously
14. prolifically _____ n. hopelessly
15. pungently _____ o. exclusively
16. quiescently _____ p. lazily
17. resiliently _____ q. scrupulously
18. sardonically _____ r. cuttingly
19. solicitously _____ s. voraciously
20. tenaciously _____ t. quietly

Activity 2: TRUE OR FALSE?

Read each statement. Write T if the underlined adverb is used correctly and F if it is used incorrectly.

  1. Your teachers have just coherently told you what to expect on your final, so you're relieved because you understood it perfectly
  2. Your children have spent the afternoon acting incorrigibly and you're completely exhausted from it.
  3. When you accidentally get a dent in your parents' car, you're scared that they'll respond magnanimously.
  4. Your house is decorated opulently so you're quite proud to show it off to others.
  5. Your best friend is speaking inexplicably about what happened to your sweater she borrowed, and you're satisfied with her excuse.

Activity 3: GET CREATIVE

This one should sound familiar by now. Just as you did in previous lessons, use at least five vocabulary-word adverbs with the verbs in this box to make sentences.

read talk work listen watch
write learn behave give rest
hear eat act paint offer

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