Irregular Verbs Practice

Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Irregular Verbs Practice

Irregular Verbs

Determine whether the boldfaced verb in the sentence is correct. Make any necessary corrections.

  1. Tomorrow, we will left early in the morning for the airport.
  2. Mr. Brown, our neighbor, spend the weekend cleaning his pool.
  3. The sun shine brightly all day today.
  4. I was beginning to has second thoughts about quitting.
  5. We are watched the game from the privacy of the box.
  6. For now, we will head north, then east.
  7. Mom sewn me a new set of placemats for the picnic table each summer.
  8. When I was little, I was often mistook for my twin sister.
  9. Yesterday, our band practiced at Joe's house.
  10. The vegetables for tonight's dinner have already been cutted.

Lay or Lie

In each sentence, select the correct form of the verb lay or lie.

  1. Sylvia has (laid, lain) on the sofa all afternoon in despair.
  2. The broken bottle (lay, laid) at the side of the road unnoticed.
  3. Jason should find his camera (laying, lying) in the back of his closet.
  4. The old dog has (lain, laid) on the front porch every day for years.
  5. Bianca (lay, laid) her scissors on the counter and picked up the brush.
  6. The new bride and her groom (lie, lay) their wedding photos on the table.
  7. Grandma complained she had (laid, lain) awake for hours before falling asleep last night.
  8. Thom (laid, lain) the racquet on the bench and went to get a cool drink of water.
  9. Dad says he is (laying, lying) new carpet in the den next Wednesday.
  10. The map shows that the treasure chest is (laying, lying) just below this rock.

Set or Sit

In each sentence, select the correct form of the verb set or sit.

  1. The audience (set, sat) patiently as the stage crew changed the scene.
  2. My favorite photograph of my cat Milo (sits, sets) on my dresser.
  3. (Setting, Sitting) good examples for younger children is important.
  4. I was told to (set, sit) my empty glass in the sink.
  5. Four students (set, sat) their reports on my desk before the due date.
  6. Hotel rooms often have a rack to (set, sit) your luggage on.
  7. There are many trophies (setting, sitting) in the case by the front lobby.
  8. The owner (set, sat) the pool umbrellas around the facility before opening.
  9. Jane and Robert are (setting, sitting) together at the table chatting.
  10. The winding river (sets, sits) just at the foot of the hills.

Irregular Verbs

In each sentence, select the correct verb to complete the sentence.

  1. I said I was sorry, but she just wouldn't (accept, except) my apology!
  2. My brother and I (hanged, hung) posters all over town about our yard sale.
  3. I loved the movie, (except, accept) for the part with the snakes. I really hate snakes!
  4. You (can, may) have a third helping of mashed potatoes if you like.
  5. Without hesitation, the king sentenced the criminal to be (hung, hanged).
  6. (Can, May) the clown walk the tightrope without the umbrella?


  1. incorrect, will leave
  2. incorrect, spent
  3. incorrect, shone
  4. incorrect, have
  5. incorrect, watching
  6. correct
  7. incorrect, sewed
  8. incorrect, mistaken
  9. correct
  10. incorrect, cutting
  11. lain
  12. lay
  13. lying
  14. lain
  15. laid
  16. lay
  17. lain
  18. laid
  19. laying
  20. lying
  21. sat
  22. sits
  23. Setting
  24. set
  25. set
  26. set
  27. sitting
  28. set
  29. sitting
  30. sits
  31. accept
  32. hung
  33. except
  34. may
  35. hanged
  36. Can
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