Spelling Regular Verbs Practice Exercises (page 2)

Updated on Sep 28, 2011


1. My dad dropped me off at school today.
2. I usually study for two hours every night.
3. The lion preyed on smaller animals.
4. All of our vegetables will be harvested by the end of October.
5. Tyler will be skiing at Mt. Snow tomorrow.
6. to tap
  Simple Progressive Perfect
    Present tap am/is/are tapping have/has tapped
    Past tapped was/were tapping had tapped
    Future will tap will be tapping will have tapped
7. to close
  Simple Progressive Perfect
    Present close am/is/are closing have/has closed
    Past closed was/were closing had closed
    Future will close will be closing will have closed reply
  Simple Progressive Perfect
    Present reply am/is/are replying have/has replied
    Past replied was/were replying had replied
    Future will reply will be replying will have replied
9. to hope
  Simple Progressive Perfect
    Present hope am/is/are hoping have/has hoped
    Past hoped was/were hoping had hoped
    Future will hope will be hoping will have hoped
10. to plan
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present plan am/is/are planning have/has planned
     Past planned was/were planning had planned
     Future will plan will be planning will have planned
11. to concern
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present concern am/is/are concerning have/has concerned
     Past concerned was/were concerning had concerned
     Future will concern will be concerning will have concerned
12. to type
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present type am/is/are typing have/has typed
     Past typed was/were typing had typed
     Future will type will be typing will have typed
13. to stare
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present stare am/is/are staring have/has stared
     Past stared was/were staring had stared
     Future will stare will be staring will have stared
14. to refer
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present refer am/is/are referring have/has referred
     Past referred was/were referring had referred
     Future will refer will be referring will have referred
15. to employ
  Simple Progressive Perfect
     Present employ am/is/are employing have/has employed
     Past employed was/were employing had employed
     Future will employ will be employing will have employed
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