Heredity Review Questions for AP Biology

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Review the following concepts if needed:

Review Questions

  1. The following crossover frequencies were noted via experimentation for a set of five genes on a single chromosome:
      A and B → 35%
      B and C → 15%
      A and C → 20%
      A and D → 10%
      D and B → 25%
      A and E → 5%
      B and E → 40%

Pick the answer that most likely represents the relative positions of the five genes.

Review Questions

  1. Imagine that in squirrels, gray color (G) is dominant over black color (g). A black squirrel has the genotype gg. Crossing a gray squirrel with which of the following would let you know with the most certainty the genotype of the gray squirrel?
  1. GG
  2. Gg
  3. gg
  4. Cannot be determined from the information given
  1. From a cross of AABbCC with AaBbCc, what is the probability that the offspring will display a genotype of AaBbCc?
  1. 1/2
  2. 1/3
  3. 1/4
  4. 1/8
  5. 1/16

Use the following pedigree of an autosomal recessive condition for questions 4–6.

Review Questions

  1. What is the genotype of person A?
  1. Bb
  2. BB
  3. bb
  4. Cannot be determined from the given information

  1. What is the most likely genotype of person B?
  1. Bb
  2. BB
  3. bb
  4. Cannot be determined from the information given
  1. What is the probability that persons C and D would have a child with the condition?
  1. 1/ 2
  2. 1/4
  3. 1/6
  4. 1/8
  5. 1/10
  1. Which of the following disorders is X-linked?
  1. Tay-Sachs disease
  2. Cystic fibrosis
  3. Hemophilia
  4. Albinism
  5. Huntington disease
  1. A court case is trying to determine the father of a particular baby. The mother has type O blood, and the baby has type B blood. Which of the following blood types would mean that the man was definitely not the father of the baby?
  1. B and A
  2. AB and A
  3. O and B
  4. O and A
  5. None can prove conclusively
  1. Assume that gray squirrel color results from a dominant allele G. The father squirrel is black, the mother squirrel is gray, and their first baby is black. What is the probability that their second baby is also black?
  1. 1.00
  2. 0.75
  3. 0.50
  4. 0.25
  5. 0.00
  1. Imagine that tulips are either yellow or white. You start growing tulips and find out that if you want to get yellow tulips, then at least one of the parents must be yellow. Which color is dominant?
  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Neither; it is some form of intermediate inheritance
  4. Cannot be determined from the given Information
  1. Suppose that 200 red snapdragons were mated with 200 white snapdragons and they produced only pink snapdragons. The mating of two pink snapdragons would most likely result in offspring that are
    1. 50 percent pink, 25 percent red, 25 percent white
    2. 100 percent pink
    3. 25 percent pink, 50 percent red, 25 percent white
    4. 75 percent red, 25 percent white
    5. 100 percent red
    1. Which of the following represents the number of possible gametes produced from a genotype of RrBBCcDDEe?
    1. 2
    2. 4
    3. 8
    4. 16
    5. 32
    1. Which of the following diseases is not caused by trisomy nondisjunction?
    1. Down syndrome
    2. Klinefelter syndrome
    3. Turner syndrome
    4. Patau syndrome
    5. Edward syndrome
    1. The pedigree below is most likely a pedigree of a condition of which type of inheritance?
  2. Review Questions

    1. Autosomal dominant
    2. Autosomal recessive
    3. Sex-linked dominant
    4. Sex-linked recessive
    5. A gene present only on the Y chromosome (holandric)
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