Reviewing and Revising Your Writing Practice Exercises

Updated on Aug 25, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Reviewing and Revising Your Writing Study Guide

Exercise 1

Read the letter from a student to a store owner, and then answer the questions.

Dear Mr. Halifax,

(1) Last week I bought a fish tank at you're store, Pet World. (2) It is bluue glass with green trim. (3) It holds 50 gallons. (4) How many fish can I put in it? (5) Please reply to this letter with any recommendations. (6) In my old tank, I have seven tropical fish and one turtle.


  1. What is the error in Sentence 1?
    1. you're should be your
    2. bought should be brought
    3. Pet World should be lowercase
  2. Which sentence contains unnecessary details?
    1. Sentence 1
    2. Sentence 2
    3. Sentence 6
  3. Which sentence contains a spelling error?
    1. Sentence 1
    2. Sentence 2
    3. Sentence 5
  4. Which sentence would make a better final sentence?
    1. Sentence 4
    2. Sentence 5
    3. Sentence 1

Exercise 2


Use the symbols to mark errors in the passage below.

The Tryout

(1) A lark—that's what Alexanders family called him because he sang all the time. (2) Personally, Alexander believed he sounded more like acrow, but it didn't concern him. (3) He simply liked singing (4) He sang in the shower he sang while he did his homework, and he sang while he walked to school. (5) He couldnt have cared less what he sounded like, until Kevin started talking about the tryouts for the City Boys' Choir.

(6) "Yeah, I'm attending the tryouts this weekend, he heard Kevin bragging one day in class. (7) "With my voice, I'm pretty much guaranteeed a spot. I imagine they'll want me to perform lots of solos, to." (8) Every one around school knew that Kevin had a fantastic singing voice. (9) Normally, alexander just ignored him, but whille he was walking home from school (singing as usual), he kept imagining himself as a member of the boys' chor. (10)Wouldn't it be fun, he thought, to sing competitively with other kids and have someone actually teach him about singing

(11) Bright and early saturday morning, Alexander's mom dropped him off at the Auditorium where the tryouts were being held. (12) Alexander took a deep breath, walked into the building, registered at a large table, and then joined the other boys who were all chattering nervously in the hallway (13) The only one who didnt look nervous was Kevin. (14) And why should he be? (15) Kevin had been taking lessons years and had won numerous competitions. (16) Alexander, on the other hand, had never taken a music lesson in his life, muchless performed for an audience.

Exercise 3

Read and review the following essay. Keep your eyes open for grammatical errors, spelling irregularities, and structural problems, and pay especially close attention to the essay's focus.

Buying a Computer

(1) There are two basic ways to buy a computer: buying a premade one, or buying it piece-bypieces. (2) There are advantages and disadvantiges for both methods. (3) Buying a premade computer is the easiest method—the consumer can just go to the store, pick out a computer that seems good, and take it home. (4) Of course, computers (both as a premade package and as individual parts) can also be purchased online from a variety of retailers. (5) One such online retailer,, was founded by a Taiwanese immigrant named Fred Chang. (6) The problem, however, is that premade computers may not have everything a person wants (e.g., it may have a large hard drive, but not enough RAM, or a huge monitor, but a poor video card.). (7) Also, sometimes prices are higher for premade computers.

(8) On the other hand, buying a computer piece-by-piece is great because it allows a consumer to get exactly what he or she wants. (9) Nevertheless, buying individual components can add a lot of installation time, and, if not done correctly, can result in a non-functioning computer! (10) Choosing which method to use is one of the most important decisions you can make when buying a computer and can make it a satisfying purchase or one that generate headaches. (11) Likewise, choosing to rent or buy a car is also a very important decision.

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