Sample Prose Passage Essays for AP English Literature (page 4)

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Updated on Mar 4, 2011

Your Turn

Try a little reverse psychology. Now that you are thoroughly familiar with this passage, construct two or three alternative prompts. (Walk a little in the examiner's shoes.) This will help you gain insight into the process of test-making. Create two questions of your own. (See the Types of Prose Passage Essay Questions section of this chapter for ideas.)

Prose Passage Review

The following points will provide you with a quick refresher when needed:

  • Familiarize yourself with the types of prose questions (prompts).
  • Highlight the prompt and understand all the required tasks.
  • Time your essay carefully.
  • Spend sufficient time "working the passage" before you begin writing.
  • Mark up the passage.
  • Create a strong opening paragraph.
  • Refer often to the passage.
  • Use concrete details and quotes to support your ideas.
  • Always stay on topic.
  • Avoid plot summary.
  • Include transitions and echo words.
  • Check the models and rubrics for guidance for self-evaluation.
  • Practice—vary the question and your approach.
  • Share ideas with others.
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