Sentence Structure Basics Practice

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Sentence Structure Basics Practice

Simple Subjects

Identify the simple subject in the following sentences.

  1. Yesterday, Mim went to the mall.
  2. Several crocodiles were found in the pond at the park.
  3. Gail should make an effort to call her grandfather more often.
  4. Weren't dachshunds bred for hunting the burrow-dwelling badger?
  5. The hammock was his favorite place to relax.
  6. I usually park my car in the garage across the street.
  7. Keith brought the boat to the island marina.
  8. Some raw vegetables taste great in salads.
  9. Place some paper clips from the drawer in my desk into the container, please.
  10. This new recipe for key lime pie is a success!

Simple Predicates

Identify the simple predicate in the following sentences.

  1. Many stores were having sales.
  2. A jogger spotted the large reptiles lurking in the mud and called the police.
  3. After dinner, Grandpa hinted that he had missed hearing all about her travels.
  4. Rabbit, raccoon, and fox, also burrow-dwellers, are hunted by dachshunds as well.
  5. Phil's hammock was stretched between two large oaks. It was the perfect place for napping.
  6. Street-side parking in this congested area is simply out of the question.
  7. He rented the 30-foot boat slip for $210 per month.
  8. Common salad vegetables are spinach, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, and tomato.
  9. The stapler on the file cabinet might also need refilling.
  10. Key limes differ from other limes in their small round shape and acidic taste.

Direct and Indirect Objects

Identify the direct and indirect object (if any) in the following sentences.

  1. At a pet store, Mim bought a new collar and water dish for her cat.
  2. The wildlife conservation officer captured the reptiles and took them to the local zoo.
  3. Gail wrote her grandfather a long and detailed letter instead.
  4. Dachshunds find burrows and dens with their keen sense of smell.
  5. Phil brought a newspaper with him so he could read, too.
  6. Many cars get dents and scratches because other drivers are careless.
  7. Sandbar marinas rent residents their slips year round.
  8. Chef Williams gave me a delicious recipe for hot bacon dressing.
  9. Janine offered the helpful student a piece of candy for his efforts.
  10. Columbus brought Hispaniola the key lime in the 1500s.

Predicate Nouns and Predicate Adjectives

Identify the predicate nouns and predicate adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. Mim is the proud owner of a pampered calico cat named Sage.
  2. The crocodiles became new members of the reptile exhibit.
  3. As a young man, Grandfather was a sailor and traveled the world.
  4. Dachshunds are short-legged dogs, sometimes referred to as "wiener dogs" because of their sausage-shaped bodies.
  5. Canvas hammocks became popular with the English Navy in the 1600s.
  6. Parking spaces in any large city can be difficult to find.
  7. Slips are docking spaces for boats.
  8. Salads are healthy with the right kind of dressing.
  9. Janine is a middle school teacher in Muncie, Indiana.
  10. Key limes are popular in drinks, desserts, and marinades.
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