Goal Setting: Critical Thinking Skills Success Study Guide (page 3)

Updated on Sep 19, 2011


Success is a choice. You have to decide what you want and how you plan to reach your goal. No one else can or should do it for you.

In Short

Setting goals is an important part of problem solving, but always remember to set goals you can reasonably achieve. Use a goal-setting chart to create a map that can show you the way from the problem to the solution. The chart forces you to break down your goal into manageable steps, set a deadline, and spell out exactly what you'll do, and when. That exercise can help to move from where you are—facing a problem—to where you want to be—problem solved!

Skill Building Until Next Time

  • Choose a short-term goal for yourself, such as a household repair. Using the list of five qualities of a valuable goal (see page 44), determine how you will get the repair accomplished. Set a deadline, be specific about what exactly you need to do, and write it all down as a visual reminder of what you will accomplish.
  • Choose a longer-term goal, something that should take a few weeks or months to achieve. Make a goal-setting chart, breaking down the goal if necessary, and include every step you must take, and when. Follow your map and check off each task as you complete it on the way to achieving your goal.

Exercises for this concept can be found at Goal Setting Practice Exercises.

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