Short Vocabulary Words Practice

Updated on Sep 8, 2011

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Short Vocabulary Words Practice

Words in Context

The following exercise will help you figure out the meaning of some words from the vocabulary list by reading context clues. After you have read and understood the paragraph, explain the context clues that helped you with the meaning of the vocabulary word. Refer to the answer section at the end of this lesson for an explanation of the clues.

    There is one big example that I can cite to prove that I am one of the biggest dupes that ever lived. It involves a situation with one of my friends from work. By the time I realized what a sham my so-called friend was, I wondered how I didn't see his scheming ways all along. I tried to straighten things out between us, but everything started to go awry anyway when I realized that the money I had given him to put toward opening our own business had mysteriously disappeared. When I confronted him about it, with a lot of prying I was able to barely eke out the truth, but by then the situation had already become too dire—there was no getting my money back. Unfortunately, I have to see him—the miserable bane of my existence—every day!

Sentence Completion

Insert the correct word from the vocabulary list into the following sentences.

  1. When a situation goes off course, it is said to have gone _____.
  2. To quote as an authority or an example is to _____.
  3. The_____ of one's freedom, for example, is the cause of freedom's decay or disappearance.
  4. When you reach the _____ of your career, you know you achieved the highest point possible.
  5. A(n) _____ is an easily deceived person.
  6. One who enjoys superior status in a given arena is considered_____.
  7. To _____ out supplies is to distribute them carefully in equal amounts.
  8. The_____ of an argument is its basic or central feature.
  9. You may be able to _____ out an income by working multiple jobs.
  10. A hypothetical case may be considered _____.
  11. If your situation is urgent or desperate, you are perhaps in _____ need of assistance.
  12. To _____ is to make heckling, taunting remarks.
  13. Our teacher instructed us to be careful not to _____ off topic during our oral presentations.
  14. To disable or disfigure a person is to _____ his or her body.
  15. His _____ composure belied the inner turmoil on his mind.
  16. When you disturb or vex another person, you _____ her.
  17. You pretended to be genuine, but you are completely false and a total _____.
  18. We wondered whether to_____, or force out, the coach after he became unprofessional with his players.
  19. It became necessary to _____ his body of toxins in order to purify the system and restore health.
  20. The competitive siblings felt they needed to _____ for the approval of their parents.


The following exercise lists vocabulary words from this chapter. Each word is followed by five answer choices. Four of them are synonyms of the vocabulary word in bold. Your task is to choose the one that is NOT a synonym.

  1. acme
    1. summit
    2. apex
    3. highest point
    4. culmination
    5. average
  2. gibe
    1. jeer
    2. heckle
    3. taunt
    4. applaud
    5. bother
  3. elite
    1. chosen
    2. lightweight
    3. nobility
    4. superiors
    5. the best
  4. purge
    1. soil
    2. cleanse
    3. clear of charge
    4. eliminate
    5. evacuate
  5. sham
    1. imitation
    2. false pretense
    3. impostor
    4. hero
    5. fake
  6. veer
    1. steer
    2. swerve
    3. shift direction
    4. turn off course
    5. deviate
  7. staid
    1. serious
    2. tired
    3. sedate
    4. permanent
    5. proper
  8. roil
    1. displease
    2. disturb
    3. cheat
    4. vex
    5. stir up
  9. bane
    1. curse
    2. killing
    3. ruin
    4. twist
    5. evil
  10. awry
    1. turned
    2. elevated
    3. twisted
    4. amiss
    5. askew
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