Short Vocabulary Words Practice (page 4)

Updated on Sep 8, 2011


  1. acme. Acme means the highest point of achievement or development, the opposite of the meaning of the words in the group.
  2. purge. Purge means to free from impurities or guilt, the opposite of soil or condemn. It also means to get rid of, the opposite of retain or keep.
  3. moot. Moot means a hypothetical case, opposite of actual. It also means no longer of actual significance, opposite of the rest of the words listed.
  4. oust. Oust means to eject or force out, opposite of the words listed, which mean to keep and comfort in a protected space.
  5. roil. Roil means to make cloudy or stir up, the opposite of calm or clarify. It also means to disturb or vex, the opposite of please, or comfort.
  6. maim. To maim is to disable or disfigure, the opposite of the words listed.
  7. sham. A sham is something or someone false or an impostor, the opposite of the words in the group.
  8. elite. To be elite is to enjoy superior status, the opposite of the words in the group.
  9. bane. Bane is fatal injury or the cause of ruin or death, the opposite of the positive, redemptive words in the group.
  10. awry. Awry means turned or twisted, or off the expected or correct course, the opposite meaning of the words in the group.

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