Structure and Properties Practice Problems

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Updated on Aug 16, 2011

Review the following concepts if needed:

Structure and Properties Practice Problems

Practice 1

Find the formal charge on each element of ArBF3, and find the net charge on the species.

Solution 1

Structure and Properties Solved Problems

Practice 2

(a) NO2+ is linear, (b) NO2– is bent. Explain in terms of the hybrid orbitals used by N.

Solution 2

  1. NO2+ (structure). N has two σ bonds, no unshared pairs of electrons and therefore needs two hybrid orbitals. N uses sp hybrid orbitals and the σ bonds are linear. The geometry is controlled by the arrangement of the sigma bonds.
  2. NO2– (structure). N has two s bonds, one unshared pair of electrons, and therefore, needs three hybrid orbitals. N uses sp2 hybrid orbitals and the bond angle is about 120°.
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