Statistics and Probability Word Problems Practice Problems

Updated on Aug 24, 2011

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Directions: Use the following information to answer questions 1–4. Joseph plays a video game ten times and scores the following points each time: 320, 285, 300, 290, 320, 310, 300, 305, 330, and 320.

  1. How many points did Joseph score most often?
  2. How many points did Joseph score on average?
  3. What is the range of Joseph's scores?
  4. What was the middle point total of Joseph's scores?
  5. Justin visits five parks in his town. Shady Park has eight benches, Hillside Park has 13 benches, Lakeville Park has ten benches, and Brighton Park has eight benches. If the mean number of benches is ten, how many benches are in the last park, Long Park?
  6. Eric sells pretzels at the beach from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. He sells 16 pretzels, 19 pretzels, 28 pretzels, 34 pretzels, 39 pretzels, 28 pretzels, and 20 pretzels each hour, respectively. How many pretzels span the difference from Eric's most successful hour to his least successful hour?
  7. Katie's test scores are 85, 95, 100, 85, 90, 95, 85, 95, and 85. If Katie can drop her two lowest test scores, what will be her most common test score?
  8. Annie buys four tomatoes, three heads of lettuce, eight peppers, 16 carrots, three onions, and eight potatoes. If the median number of vegetables she buys is 4, what are all the possible numbers of eggplant Annie may have bought?

Directions: Use the following information to answer the questions that follow.

Three sides of a cube are painted red, one side of the cube is painted yellow, and two sides of the cube are painted blue. The cube is rolled once.

  1. What are the chances the cube will land on a red side?
  2. What is the probability that the cube will land on the yellow side?
  3. What are the odds that the cube will land on a blue side?
  4. What is the likelihood that the cube will NOT land on yellow?

More Practice

  1. Al has eight white shirts, five blue shirts, two yellow shirts, and one red shirt in his closet. If he chooses one shirt at random, what are the chances that the shirt will be blue or red?
  2. Ingrid has 24 rock songs, 40 pop songs, ten classical songs, and six jazz songs on her portable music player. If the player selects a song at random, what is the probability it will be a rock song or a jazz song?
  3. A gumball machine contains 38 lemon gumballs, 12 grape gumballs, 19 strawberry gumballs, 16 orange gumballs, and 15 blueberry gumballs. If Mohammed pulls a gumball from the machine at random, what are the chances it will be lemon, strawberry, or orange?
  4. There are 400 orchestra seats at Hampton Hall, 300 seats in the first mezzanine, 200 seats in the second mezzanine, 100 seats in the third mezzanine, and 100 seats in the fourth mezzanine. If Kayla wins a ticket to a concert at the hall, what are the odds the ticket is NOT in the orchestra?
  5. There are 25 students in Mr. Scott's class. Only one perfect score was recorded for the math exam, and only one perfect score was recorded for the science exam. What are the odds that Stephanie, a student in the class, received both perfect scores?
  6. A spinner is divided into ten slices, numbered one through ten, respectively. If Orla spins the spinner twice, what is the probability that it will land on five the first time and a number greater than five the second time?
  7. Hayley rolls a number cube three times. What are the chances that it lands on an even number the first time, an odd number the second time, and the number six the third time?
  8. A package contains 12 chocolate cookies and ten vanilla cookies. If Rita takes a cookie at random and eats it, and then takes another cookie from the package, what is the probability that both cookies were vanilla cookies?
  9. An after-school program offers five science courses, eight math courses, four art courses, and three music courses. If Mairead is placed in two courses at random, what are the odds that she is placed in an art course and a music course? (Note: She cannot be placed in the same course twice.)
  10. Molly and Anna share a sock drawer which contains eight pairs of brown socks, 18 pairs of white socks, and 20 pairs of black socks. If each girl selects a pair of socks from the drawer to wear, what is the likelihood that Molly selected a white pair and Anna selected a black pair?
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