Words That End in -ia Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Words That End in -ia Study Guide

Words That End in -ia Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Draw lines to match the name of each problem with the area of its concern.

Name of Problem Area of Concern
1.paranoia a. fire
2.insomnia b. small enclosed spaces
3.vertigo c. illness
4.pyromania d. sleep
5.claustrophobia e. motives of others
6.hypochondria f. dizziness
7.kleptomania g. loss of memory
8.amnesia h. high places
9.arachnophobia i. stealing
10.acrophobia j. spiders
11.agoraphobia k. extravagant things
12.megalomania i. open spaces


  1. e
  2. d
  3. f
  4. a
  5. b
  6. c
  7. i
  8. g
  9. j
  10. h

Practice Exercise 2

Strange Feelings and Emotions

Across Down
2 total loss of memory 1 extreme distrust of the motives of others
3 fear of small places 5 fear of heights
4 inability to sleep  
6 excessive health concerns  
Word Bank
acrophobia hypochondria
amnesia insomnia
claustrophobia paranoia


Across Down
2 amnesia 1 paranoia
3 claustrophobia 5 acrophobia
4 insomnia
6 hypochondria
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