Subject-Verb Agreement (page 2)

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Updated on Oct 9, 2013


  1. wolfs (The phrase “who is always hungry after wrestling practice” describes “brother.”)
  2. is (The phrase “of Goldilocks and the Three Bears” qualifies “story.”)
  3. has (The phrase with “chocolate chips and macadamia nuts” qualifies “cookie.”)
  4. is (The phrase “between the Celtics and the Lakers” qualifies “rivalry.”)
  5. attest (The phrase “found in the region extending from the Tigris to the Euphrates” qualifies “flints.”)

Collective nouns:

TIP: One of the trickiest concepts in Subject-Verb Agreement is that collective nouns, which combine a group of individuals into one thing, are ordinarily SINGULAR, not PLURAL.

Examples: committee, club, team, group, band, class, town, family, Board of Directors, etc

The committee decides to appoint Kim the Chairperson. (not decide)

The family drives to Six Flags. (not drive)

The band locks the instruments in the tour bus. (not lock)

The Senior class gets to wear pajamas to school. (not get)

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