Systems of Equations and Inequalities Supplementary Problems for Intermediate Algebra

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Updated on Aug 12, 2011

Review the following concepts if needed:

7.1.   Use the addition method to solve the following systems.

7.2.   Use any method to solve the following systems.

7.3.   Solve the following systems.

  1. Brianne and Trista bought DVDs and CDs at the store. Brianne bought 4 DVDs and 3 CDs that cost $115.93,tax excluded. Trista spent $123.93 on 5 DVDs and 2 CDs, tax excluded. Find the price of tapes and the priceof CDs at the music store.
  2. The Murrays invested $15,000 in municipal bonds and technology stocks. The bonds earned 4.8% and thestocks earned 7.2% last year. How much was invested in bonds and how much was invested in stocks if their total investment earned $856.80 last year?

7.4.   Solve the following systems.

7.5.   Evaluate the following determinants.

7.6.   Use Cramer's rule to solve the following.

7.7.   Perform the indicated elementary row operations on the matrix

  1. R1↔ R3
  2. 3R1 → R1
  3. –2R1 + R2 → R2

7.8.   Transform to row echelon form.

7.9.   Use matrix methods (Gaussian elimination) to solve the following systems.

7.10.   Use an appropriate method to solve the following systems.

7.11.   Solve the following systems graphically.

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