What is a Synonym Practice Exercises

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Updated on Sep 20, 2011

Review the following study guide if needed:

What is a Synonym Study Guide

What is a Synonym Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise 1

Circle the answer that means the same as the underlined word in each sentence.

1. A funhouse mirror can really distort your image!
a. deform
b. disappear
c. repeat
d. extend
2. The price of gasoline fluctuates daily.
a. spin out of control
b. run faster
c. change frequently
d. disappear
3. Falling down when you're learning to ride a bicycle is inevitable.
a. impossible
b. certain to happen
c. unequal
d. uncertain
4. The teacher offered bonus points as an incentive to completing the homework.
a. a goal
b. a stimulus to action
c. a deterrent
d. a valuable
5. The iPod is an innovation in the recording of music.
a. different from
b. a new development
c. a repetition
d. a tested formula


1. a. To distort is to change the shape or sound of something.
2. c. To fluctuate is to change frequently.
3. b. Something that is inevitable is certain to happen.
4. b. An incentive is an encouragement or stimulus to action.
5. b. An innovation is an introduction of a new idea, a new process, a new method, or an invention.

Practice Exercise 2

Now that you've learned five new words, write a sentence for each of them.


Practice Exercise 3

Circle the answer that means the opposite of the underlined word in each sentence.

1. The classroom was chaotic once the teacher left the room.
a. confused
b. messy
c. entertaining
d. orderly
2. The young man is so naïve that he believes everything he reads on the Internet.
a. religious
b. informed
c. careful
d. innocent
3. The kids persisted with their soccer game even though recess was over. a. continued in spite of resistance
a. continued in spite of resistance
b. stopped
c. insisted on
d. resisted
4. The teacher implied that we'd have a pop quiz on Friday, but we won't know for certain until we get to class.
a. explained exactly
b. suggested
c. asserted indirectly
d. questioned
5. An orange is analogous to a clementine, another type of citrus fruit.
a. different from
b. similar
c. the same as
d. deceptive
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