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Entertainment Technology

The film industry created new opportunities for entertainment, especially after the addition of sound in the late 1920s. By the early 1950s, television had begun to enter many homes in the West.

Technology in the Information Age

As the world's societies entered the twenty-first century, more and more of the world's citizens were linked by computer technology. Robots, first used in Japan and adopted in Europe for use in mines and the automobile industry, increased industrial productivity. More people in the postindustrial world worked in service industries because of increased mechanization of agriculture and industry.

Rapid Review

World Wars I and II saw a number of technological firsts, from improved transportation and communications to more elaborate weaponry. The atomic bomb ushered in a nuclear age that was among the focal points of the Cold War era. Technology created new leisure time activities, improved sanitation, and discovered new breakthroughs in medical science. The use of technology to transmit information characterizes the twenty-first century.

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