Technology Vocabulary Words Practice (page 2)

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Updated on Sep 8, 2011


In the space provided, write a T if the sentence is true or an F if the sentence is false. If the sentence is false, cross out the word that makes the sentence false, and write the correct word from the vocabulary list above it.

  1. ___When I want to put a picture on my blog, I download it from my computer onto the Internet.
  2. ___A cookie is a high-speed storage mechanism that allows my computer to store information I frequently use.
  3. ___I used a server to do research on my new car by typing in the model and year. It then gave me a list of websites relating to my car.
  4. ___I just installed this new application on my computer that enables me to balance my checkbook and keep track of my expenses on my computer.
  5. ___Our office recently added five more computers to our network.
  6. ___Our computers are all connected via encryption so my computer can communicate with all of the others in the office.
  7. ___When you upload a file, you transmit it from your computer to an online bulletin board or network.
  8. ___The database is the main circuit board of the computer.
  9. ___At work, I can download files from the Internet much faster than at home because I have more bitmap.
  10. ___A firewall is used to protect a private network from unauthorized access.

Choosing the Right Word

Circle the word in bold that best completes the sentence.

  1. At work, I have a(n) (application, workstation) that is much faster than my computer at home.
  2. I saved the image I created in my design program as a (bitmap, cookie) so I could open it again in a different program.
  3. When my mother first used a computer, she had difficulty seeing the (cache, cursor), but now that she is used to it, she knows to look for a blinking line.
  4. He studied (encryption, information technology) and became an expert at deciphering secret codes used to protect hidden information.
  5. When doing research, it is useful to come up with several (keywords, plug-ins) you can use to find articles and websites about your topic
  6. I wasn't able to view the video on the website because I didn't have the necessary (plug-in, bitmap) on my computer.
  7. My boss asked me to create a (server, database) of all of our business contacts and clients so all of the contact information would be organized and easy to retrieve.
  8. My friend sent me a funny animated cartoon, but when I opened it, a window popped up on the screen. It said I didn't have the right (plug-in, cookie) to play the cartoon, but that I could download it for free from another website.
  9. My sister got a job in the (Ethernet, information technology) department at a financial services company, so now she helps fix computer problems in the office and helps people use their computers more effectively for their work.
  10. The (motherboard, server) is the computer at work that manages all of our network resources, so when there is a problem with it, we can't share files with other computers or work on the website.

Matching Questions

Match the word in the first column with the corresponding word in the second column.

  1. search engine                  a. process of copying files from an online source to your computer
  2. motherboard                   b. process of copying files from your computer to an online or network location
  3. workstation                     c. word used to specify particular file or record
  4. application                      d. a system to protect a private network from outside access
  5. cache                              e. main circuit board of a computer
  6. database                          f. a group of computers linked together
  7. upload                             g. a representation in rows and columns of dots of an image in computer memory
  8. server                              h. stored and organized information that is easily retrievable
  9. firewall                            i. information stored in a Web browser and sent to a server when the browser contacts that server
  10. bandwidth                        j. translation of information into a secret code
  11. cursor                              k. program used to search for websites or documents containing a given keyword
  12. Ethernet                           l. a high-speed computer used in work environments
  13. plug-in                             m. protocol used to connect two or more computers to each other
  14. network                           n. a module that adds a specific feature to a larger system
  15. information technology     o. subject of anything concerning processing or managing information
  16. bitmap                             p. the capacity for data transfer at a given time
  17. cookie                             q. a program that performs a certain task on a computer
  18. download                         r. a computer on a network that manages all of the network resources
  19. encryption                        s. a high-speed storage mechanism used to store frequently accessed information
  20. keyword                           t. blinking line on computer screen
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