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Practice 5: The Hare and the Tortoise

An Aesop's Fable retold

Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow.

(1) "I'm the fastest animal around!" Hare boasted to all the other animals. "I can run faster than anyone in the world!"
(2) "POOH!" Tortoise said with a sly smile. "Lots of us could beat you. Why, I could even beat you in a race."
(3) All the animals laughed. Some of them thought they might be able to beat Hare, but Tortoise? She was a slowpoke and always late, arriving just a little ahead of Snail, who was the slowest! Hare thought the whole idea so funny he fell down laughing. "You think you can beat ME?" he chuckled.
(4) "I KNOW I can!" replied Tortoise.
(5) "Okay," Hare said, "let's race from here to the lake right now!"
(6) Tortoise looked down the road. She was so short that she couldn't actually see the lake, but she knew how to get there.
(7) "Are we going to race or what?" Hare asked as he winked at the other animals.
(8) "Let's go!" replied Tortoise.
(9) "I'll start the race for you," said Goose. "When I honk, the race will begin."
(10) Tortoise and Hare stood very still. All was quiet. Then . . . HONK! Hare raced off, hopping down the road as fast as his legs would take him. Tortoise crawled away, lumbering down the road behind him as fast as her feet would go. When he was about halfway to the lake, Hare stopped and looked back. He could barely see the outline of Tortoise plodding along the road far behind. "Man, that Tortoise will never catch me!" he laughed. "I think I'll take a nap!" So he curled up under a big apple tree and before long, was fast asleep.
(11) When Hare finally awoke, he looked back down the road to see where Tortoise was. She was nowhere in sight. Then he looked ahead and couldn't believe his eyes! Tortoise was almost at the finish line! He jumped up and ran as fast as he could, but he was too late. He arrived just as Tortoise slowly crawled across the finish line, the winner.
(12) Amid cheers from the crowd, a smiling Tortoise said to Hare, "I may be slow, much slower than you, but I don't stop until I'm through. 'Cause no matter how hard a hill is to climb, slow and steady wins every time!"
9. According to the theme of this fable,
a. it's important to take time out to nap.
b. being a tortoise is much harder than being a goose.
c. keep going and you'll reach your goal.
d. it's important to win at any cost.
10. Which would most likely have been the theme if Tortoise had NOT won?
a. You can do anything you set your mind to.
b. Friendship is more important than anything.
c. Slow and steady wins the race.
d. Don't overestimate your own ability.
11. Which one word best describes the theme of the fable?
a. recklessness
b. perseverance
c. admiration
d. extravagance
12. The most likely theme, if Hare had started before the HONK, would be
a. the early bird gets the worm.
b. all is fair in love and war.
c. keep your eye on the prize.
d. winners never cheat and cheaters never win.
13. Which messages does the author also get across in the selection?
a. Don't brag about how good you are at something.
b. Don't take anything for granted.
c. Think before you speak.
d. all of the above
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