Reading Topic Sentence Practice (page 2)

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Updated on Aug 10, 2011


  1. d.   The mention that searching for spices has changed the course of history, and that for spices, nations have …. gone to war, implies that the subject of the paragraph is history. These phrases also connote danger and intrigue.
  2. c.   The mention of all the amazing things the brain is capable of is directly relevant to its being mysterious and complex. The other choices are less relevant.
  3. a.   The paragraph is complaining about the rain that fell in April and May. Only choice b fits in with that topic.
  4. a.   The topic sentence speaks of fire bricks and their prevention of heat transfer. Only choice a continues that topic.
  5. b.   This choice is the only one that supports and develops the topic sentence. The other choices all say something about cosmetic plastic surgery, but they do not support the topic sentence, which states that cosmetic plastic surgery is one of the fastestgrowing segments of U.S. medicine.
  6. c.   All of the choices do address cars skidding on ice, but only choice c addresses the driver's reaction. Notice also the repetition of the "instinctive" response.
  7. d.   The topic sentence addresses the misconception that pencils contain lead. Choice d goes on to elaborate on that misconception.
  8. c.   Choice c is the only entry that presents the similar traits of both the hero and the superstar. Choice a only defines a superstar. Choice b defines the hero. Choice d introduces irrelevant material—the sports arena, with no mention of the superstar.
  9. a.   This choice is a comparison between man and bird. Neither one needs instruction to do what is important to its life. Choices b, c, and d do not support this topic sentence.
  10. b.   This choice is the only one that talks about how parents make a difference in their children's academic success. The other choices don't mention parents at all.
  11. c.   The main idea is that the United States limits immigration numbers. Choices a, b, and d show the effects and statistics that result from this actio but do not support the topic sentence.
  12. d.   The topic is weed killers attacking plant roots, not the dangers of weed killer to pets or people.
  13. d.   Choice d gives us a reason why more people are eating organic, so it supports the statement made in the topic sentence. Choices a and b are about organic products, but they don't provide logical reasons for the increasing popularity of organic foods. Choice c is about another topic completely.
  14. c.   This choice introduces the idea that some laws are strange. Choices a, b, and d are examples of strange laws.
  15. a.   This topic sentence states the importance of a cat's whiskers. Choices b, c, and d give other details that do not directly support the topic sentence.
  16. c.   This choice states the popularity of the game. Choices a and b state the game's origin. Choice d explains how its popularity spread.
  17. c.   This sentence gives a reason for longevity that was introduced in the topic sentence. Choices a, b, and d are about longevity but do not give any reasons.
  18. a.   Choice a pronounces an end to 16 years of violence. Choice b, c, and d are facts about James's life.
  19. c.   Great wealth is not an indicator of honor. Each of the other choices describes the honor that is received. Choice a says, greatly respected, choice b—a revered poet, and choice d— long-lasting reputation.
  20. b.   The topic sentence presents the idea that all the men are connected by whale lines, each man relies on the others for his safety. Choice a states this idea explicitly: Each man "had to depend on the others to stay alive." Choice c presents the idea as metaphorical, each man is connected to the next. Choice d offers an example of how a man can be thrown overboard and must rely on his crew to cut their whale loose and come back and get him. Only choice b does not make any connection to the men.
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