English Irregular Verbs Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 23, 2011

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English Irregular Verbs Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Select the correct verb needed to complete each of these sentences. You may check your answers with the key.

  1. (Can, May) I have some friends over tonight?
  2. We would have enjoyed the hike more, (except, accept) Sheila got a blister on her foot.
  3. Beatrice (lay, laid) her coat and hat on the chair when she came in.
  4. Marcus (has did, has done) a great job keeping up with his chores this summer.
  5. How do you expect me to (accept, except) this answer without any explanation?
  6. Dad carefully (hanged, hung) the family portrait over the sofa.
  7. At the park on a nice day, you can find people (sitting, setting) or (laying, lying) on a blanket relaxing.
  8. Jackson, you (can, may) have a second piece of pie if you like.
  9. Poor Grandma (has laid, has lain) in bed with a headache most of the afternoon.
  10. Without hesitation, the king sentenced the thief to be (hung, hanged) at the gallows.


  1. May
  2. except
  3. laid
  4. has done
  5. accept
  6. hung
  7. sitting, lying
  8. may
  9. has lain
  10. hanged
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