Musical Vocabulary Words Practice Exercises

Updated on Jul 15, 2011

Read the following study guide for a concept review:

Musical Vocabulary Words Study Guide

Activity 1: WORD MATCH

Match each description on the left with the vocabulary word on the right.

1. the speed at which music is played _____ a. allegro
2. a very skilled person _____ b. elegy
3. a musical introduction to a performance _____ c. fugue
4. a single sound without any change _____ d. monotone
5. played or sung all together as one _____ e. nocturne
6. a musical piece played often when someone dies _____ f. overture
7. the musical version of a television repeat _____ g. reprise
8. dreamy music usually for the piano _____ h. tempo
9. music with a repeating theme _____ i. unison
10. a lively, quick pace _____ j. virtuoso

Activity 2: GET CREATIVE!

On the lines below, write a story about attending a concert. Use at least five of the vocabulary words from this lesson. Make sure you use the correct form of the word.

Activity 3: ANALOGIES

Look at the relationship of the first two words, then figure out which vocabulary word belongs in the second set.

  1. rapid : allegro :: discordant : _______
  2. master : maestro :: unchanging : _______
  3. introduction : overture :: break : _______
  4. group : orchestra :: solo : _______
  5. repetition : reprise :: unanimous : _______

Activity 4: HIDDEN WORDS

All the vocabulary words from the lesson are hidden here. Look across, down, diagonally, and backward for them.

Name That Tune: Musical Terms

Activity 5: TRUE OR FALSE?

Read each statement. Write T for true or F for false.

  1. An overture in a concert is like an intermission during a play.
  2. A maestro and a virtuoso are quite similar.
  3. A nocturne is energetic and the perfect wake-up-in-the-morning music.
  4. The tempo of music is the pace at which it's played.
  5. A recital is always performed by one person only; it is a solo performance.


Activity 1: WORD MATCH

  1. h
  2. j
  3. f
  4. d
  5. i
  6. b
  7. g
  8. e
  9. c
  10. a

Activity 2: GET CREATIVE

There are no right or wrong answers for this activity. However, you may wish to have a family member, friend, or teacher review your response and give feedback.

Activity 3: ANALOGIES

  1. dissonant
  2. monotone
  3. interlude
  4. recital
  5. unison

Activity 4: HIDDEN WORDS

Name That Tune Musical Terms_Answers

Activity 5: TRUE OR FALSE?

  1. False
  2. True
  3. False
  4. True
  5. False
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