Common Prefixes and Suffixes Practice Exercises

Updated on Sep 20, 2011

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Common Prefixes and Suffixes Study Guide

Common Prefixes and Suffixes Practice Exercises

Practice Exercise

Circle the correct meaning for the italicized word in each sentence.

  1. Antecedent means
    1. fighting against.
    2. looking after
    3. coming before.
    4. recent.
  2. Multifaceted means
    1. two-faced.
    2. many-sided.
    3. cut into parts.
    4. chaotic.
  3. Consensus means
    1. an individual's opinion.
    2. a counting of individuals.
    3. separate and dissimilar.
    4. general agreement by a group.
  4. Dubious means
    1. one who doubts.
    2. to question.
    3. doubtful, questionable.
    4. to be uncertain.
  5. Agrarian means
    1. incapable of making a decision.
    2. to cultivate.
    3. to be out of date.
    4. relating to the land or land ownership.
  6. Metamorphosis means
    1. to transform.
    2. one who has changed.
    3. a transformation.
    4. capable of change.
  7. To reconcile means to
    1. reestablish a relationship.
    2. move away from.
    3. out do
    4. prioritize.
  8. Subordinate means
    1. under someone else's authority.
    2. organized according to rank.
    3. something ordinary or average.
    4. unrealistic, fantasy-like.
  9. Docile means
    1. one who rears animals.
    2. one who manages domestic affairs.
    3. willing to obey, easily managed.
    4. to obey authority.
  10. To subjugate means
    1. to be the subject of a sentence.
    2. to conquer, bring under control.
    3. to be surrounded on all sides.
    4. to drive away from the source.

Lesson 5 Words You Should Now Know

  • agrarian
  • metamorphosis
  • antecedent
  • multifaceted
  • consensus
  • reconcile
  • docile
  • subjugate
  • intimidate
  • subordinate

Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Study Guide.


  1. c. The prefix ante- means before. Antecedent means that which precedes, or comes before.
  2. b. The prefix multi- means many. Multifaceted means having many faces, being complex.
  3. a. The prefix con- means with, together. Consensus means general agreement reached by a group
  4. c. The suffix -ous means having the quality of. Dubious means doubtful, questionable.
  5. d. The suffix -ian means one who is or does. Agrarian means relating to or concerning land and its ownership.
  6. c. The suffix -sis means the process of. Metamorphosis means a transformation, a change of form or function.
  7. a. The prefix re- means back, again. To reconcile means to reestablish a close relationship, to bring back to harmony
  8. a. The prefix sub- means under, beneath. As an adjective subordinate means of a lower or inferior rank, or subject to the authority of others. As a noun, it means one that is subordinate to another. As a verb, it means to put in a lower or inferior rank, or to subdue.
  9. d. The suffix -ile means having the qualities of. Docile means willing to obey, or easily managed.
  10. b. The prefix sub- means under, beneath. To subjugate means to conquer, subdue, bring under control.
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