Foundations (8000 B.C.E.- 600 C.E.) Review for AP World History

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Updated on Mar 4, 2011

Foundations (8000 B.C.E.–600 C.E.)

Key Comparisons

  1. Early agriculture in the Eastern Hemisphere versus the Western Hemisphere.
  2. Pastoral nomadism versus settled lifestyles.
  3. Political, economic, and social characteristics of the four river valley civilizations.
  4. Early civilizations of the Eastern and Western hemispheres.
  5. Political, economic, and social characteristics of the empires of Rome, Han China, and Gupta India.
  6. Exchanges in the Indian Ocean versus those in the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. The expansion and appeal of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity.
  8. The origins, philosophies, and goals of Confucianism and Daoism.
  9. The decline and fall of Han China, Rome, and Gupta India.
  10. Trans-Saharan versus Silk Roads trade.

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