Time Period 1914-Present Review for AP World History

By — McGraw-Hill Professional
Updated on Mar 4, 2011

Period Five (1914–Present)

Key Comparisons

  1. Postwar governments of Western nations versus the Soviet bloc.
  2. Decolonization in Africa versus India.
  3. The effects of World War I versus the effects of World War II.
  4. The Russian Revolution versus the Chinese Revolution.
  5. Reactions of Western versus non-Western nations to U.S. consumer society.
  6. Female roles in China and the West.
  7. Patterns of immigration in the Eastern versus the Western hemispheres.
  8. Patterns of economic development in Africa versus Latin America.
  9. Global trade in the Pacific Rim versus the West.
  10. Political and economic conditions in Russia before and after communism.

Change/Continuity Chart

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