Establishing a New Nation and the First Four Presidents Practice Test

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Updated on Feb 4, 2012

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Practice Test

1. ____________________ is considered the father of the Constitution.

A. George Washington

B. John Adams

C. Alexander Hamilton

D. James Madison


2. The War of 1812 resulted in a lasting alliance between __________________

A. the United States and the Indians.

B. Britain and France.

C. the United States and Britain.

D. the United States and France.


3. What was the major issue that caused the War of 1812?

A. the Indian attempt to create a national alliance

B. the Indian attempt to rebel against the U.S. government

C. the British alliance with and support of the American Indians

D. the British practice of impressment


4. The purpose of the Embargo Act was ____________________

A. to provoke Britain into a declaration of war.

B. to curtail exports to Britain or any of its dominions.

C. to deprive farmers of profits from their surplus crops.

D. to put a stop to the practice of impressment.


5. Which best explains the principle of judicial review?

A. the power of the courts to decide whether a law is constitutional

B. the power of the president to appoint judges

C. the power of Congress to impeach judges

D. the power of the states to repeal unconstitutional federal laws


6. Why was the nation’s capital city built in the South?

A. because the South has a milder climate than the North

B. because the location chosen was in the center of the United States

C. to appease Southern resentment over federal payment of northern war debt

D. to ensure that the capital city would be outside the borders of the states


7. What was the purpose of the Twelfth Amendment?

A. to permit the government to assess certain taxes

B. to regulate international trade

C. to change the electoral system

D. to establish political parties


8. _________________is the only American president not to belong to or represent a political party.

A. George Washington

B. John Adams

C. Thomas Jefferson

D. James Madison


9. In order to pay off the national debt, Alexander Hamilton _____________________

A. established the Federalist Party.

B. planned a new national capital city.

C. threw the election of 1800 to Thomas Jefferson.

D. assessed new taxes.


10. Thomas Jefferson believed that ________________ was the most important part of the economy.

A. agriculture

B. private enterprise

C. industry

D. international trade



1. D

2. C

3. C

4. D

5. A

6. C

7. C

8. A

9. D

10. A

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