The US Becomes a World Power Practice Test

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Updated on Feb 4, 2012

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Practice Test

1. The Roosevelt Corollary clarifies __________________

A. the Constitution.

B. the Declaration of Independence.

C. the Platt Amendment.

D. the Monroe Doctrine.


2. The Jones Act of 1916 established voting rights in ___________________

A. Cuba.

B. Puerto Rico.

C. Hawaii.

D. the Philippines.


3. Hearst newspapers published lies and exaggerations about the explosion of the Maine in order to ____________

A. push the United States into declaring war on Spain.

B. help Spain defeat the Cuban attempt to gain independence.

C. reduce public support for the Spanish-American War.

D. support the Dole government in Hawaii.


4. Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii abdicated in order to __________________

A. persuade the United States to annex Hawaii.

B. protest the signing of the Bayonet Constitution.

C. prevent an all-out war between Hawaii and the United States.

D. become president of a representative Hawaiian government.


5. The Open Door Policy established rules governing international trade with ________________

A. Japan.

B. China.

C. Cuba.

D. Hawaii.


6. The United States made no attempt to colonize Africa because _____________________

A. it was not rich in natural resources or raw materials.

B. European nations had already colonized most of the continent.

C. the Africans put up fierce armed resistance against any attempt at colonization.

D. Africa was too far from the United States to be a useful trade partner.


7. The United States wanted to acquire control over Hawaii primarily because it was an abundant source of _______________

A. pineapples.

B. gold.

C. sugar.

D. wheat.


8. ______________ is important in military history as a successful naval commander during the Spanish-American War.

A. Theodore Roosevelt

B. George Dewey

C. Emiliano Agualdino

D. John Hay


9. Which best describes Spain’s position at the time of the explosion of the Maine?

A. eager for war against the United States

B. deliberately provoking the United States into declaring war

C. hoping to avoid all-out war with the United States

D. unconcerned about the possibility of war with the United States


10. The United States wanted to acquire foreign colonies for all these reasons except _________________

A. to demonstrate that it was a great power.

B. to acquire trade partners on favorable terms.

C. to gain sources of raw materials necessary for American industry.

D. to recruit young men to serve in the American military.



1. D

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. B

7. C

8. B

9. C

10. D

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